Why Still Make a 25PPM Now That You Have “Automatic Silence/Hush Feature” At The 10-24PPM Level?

IT IS TRUE THAT The Model 2016 is now the most nearly FULLY AUTOMATIC  C O alarm ever made.

Even our unique “Silence / Hush” Feature will be employed automatically after four minutes if no one has been present to activate it manually sooner. Thereby conserving a lot of battery power for future years, especially if no one will be home for hours or away on vacation for days or weeks.


Sometimes we must protect people from themselves.

Frequent unwanted audible alarms from any type of detector can very quickly become a nuisance be it from a hot skillet or piece of browning toast setting off a cheap ionization smoke alarm, or a high tech, expensive, Low Level C O “Health” Monitor” reacting to too many heavy smokers in a house, or the 19 to 24PPM of C O commonly emitted from un-vented space heaters.


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