Why a C O Task Force is necessary

For many years I have been very concerned, disgusted and angered By the tightly aligned conspiracy between the various Groups with strong vested financial interests involved in the manufacture, distribution, regulation, fuel supplying, installation and the construction of our homes and other structures.

During my entire 82 year Lifetime I have observed nearly everyone involved in the above named Groups “CIRCLE THEIR WAGONS” to deny ANY Responsibility for the THOUSANDS of deaths and serious, lifelong handicaps and illnesses they contribute to yearly.

To help you fully understand the SCOPE of this problem and WHY at this present time the Local Power and Community Influence needs to be called upon to take these greatly needed steps forward to Protect our Citizens Safety from this VERY Preventable Silent but Deadly Health and Life taking threat.

I only need to remind you that the present Supreme Court of the USA has Ruled that it is now Legal for a Wealthy Company or Individual to “BUY” all of the Favors, Votes and POLITICIANS they can AFFORD.

Now consider the combined “BUYING Power’ of the Gas Industry, the GAMA, [GAS Appliance Manufacturers Association], the AGA, [American Gas Assoc. Lab], the NFPA, [National Fire Protection Assoc. of Fire Equipment Manufactures], UL, [Underwriters Labs, the Standards arm of the Electrical Appliance and Detection Industry]; as well as the product distribution channels for all these Groups, then put the added political power of the Nations Home Owners Associations, the Apartment Owners Assoc. and the Powerful NAHB, [National Association of Home Builders ] and just consider the combined Money and Political Power those of us on the SIDE OF “Consumer Health & Life Safety” have to battle EVERY DAY, 24-7-365.

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