Thomas Greiner

Thomas Greiner, Ph.D., P.E., is an Iowa State University Emeritus Associate Professor and a consulting engineer specializing in reducing carbon monoxide related injuries and deaths. Dr. Greiner’s investigations reveal that there can be many different reasons for carbon monoxide exposures. He shares his CO knowledge widely through radio appearances, written articles, personal contact, and television appearances (including two appearances on 20/20). He organizes and speaks at carbon monoxide conferences, workshops, and seminars for heating contractors, first responders, fire fighters, medical personnel, home builders, furnace manufacturers, insurance companies, engineers, utility companies, code officials, and the general public. Conference participants have organized local carbon monoxide coalitions in their communities to reduce individual exposure to carbon monoxide and increase community ability to respond to CO incidents.   Dr. Greiner has testified before the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, consulted with manufacturers, and spoken to professional groups. Tom emphasizes that CO injuries and deaths can be reduced by:

  • Education of professionals and the public,
  • Annual inspection of heating appliances by qualified heating contractors,
  • Use of suitable carbon monoxide instruments, alarms, and monitors.


Thomas H. Greiner, Ph.D., P.E.

5200 Skycrest Drive

Ames, Iowa 50010-9202

Phone/Fax 515 232 9065






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