Sensor end

This C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor is doing EXACTLY what it was designed to do. It is telling you that it is no longer protecting you.

Of all of the many Great Features that I designed into my Monitor, this TRUE “End of Life” WARNING is the most important. This Warning is based on the decrease in sensor activity and indicates this sensor has degraded to the extent that it is no longer protecting you. This Warning is possible because of the “Full-Time” monitoring of the sensor.

Many C O alarms that “CLAIM” to provide an “End of Life” Warning” simply provide a “Time Clock” predetermined “End of Life” Date.

The TOTAL Uselessness of this idea is best proven by the one MILLION Kidde-Nighthawk C O alarms that were involved in the March 19, 1999, CPSC Recall of Kidde alarms, [two different Models, with different types of sensors, 650,000 of one type and 350,000 of the second type. The 650,000 new style EC Sensor units actually had sensors that were DEAD on the first day that the Consumer opened the package, yet NO WARNING of this fact was ever given to the consumer.

I personally believe that 30 to 40 MILLION Homes in North America contain C O alarms that still have a L.E.D. light on, and still “Beep” when the “Test Button” is pushed, FALSELY making the Consumer believe that they are still being protected.

If this C O Monitor was purchased from your Home Security Company or your Licensed Heating Company please call them for your replacement IMMEDIATELY because this C O Monitor is no longer detecting C O, NOT EVEN AT EXTREMELY HIGH LEVELS.

IF YOU CANNOT LOCATE A NEW Model 2016 locally, then to obtain the new Model 2016 C O “Health” Monitor please contact us at: giving your name, full delivery address, the Serial Number on your old C O Monitor and the number of C O Monitors you wish to replace or add in your home.





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