Stop the unnecessary deaths & sicknesses permitted by UL2034 Listed C O alarms.

 UL2034 Needs to be  Amended  out of every  City, County & State’s Requirements for C O Protection Iin order to permitt the installation of  Lower Levels of  C O Warnings that are needed by our Citizens “FROM THE FETUS TO THE FUNERAL.”

Quoting from the first page of the New C O – Experts Owner’s Manual:

1. This Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor is NOT a “Standard”, UL 2034, ULC, or CSA Listed C O Alarm. We believe low level C O Warning at 10, 25, 35 & 50PPM make it FAR SUPERIOR to any detector that is not even TESTED BELOW 70PPM.

If you are stuck in an uninformed City, County or State that has not yet AMMENDED the ineffective high level C O Alarms out of your requirements, please call upon your Fire Chief, City Manager and County Commissioners to VOTE TO AMMEND THE C O Requirements at once. It will prevent C O DEATHS and serious C O Poisonings in your area. See our website today.

Regardless, I urge you to install one or more C O – Experts Model 2015  Low Level C O “Health” Monitors to provide the vital protection that you and your entire family needs from Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning which is not provided by ANY UL / CSA Listed C O alarm.


2. I want to repeat this product is a C O “Health” Monitor; therefore, this C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor is designed to Exceed the Early Warning Detection Requirements of any and all C O Standards, Codes or Requirements for C O “Alarms” presently enacted anywhere in the World. Therefore, this Monitor is not designed to meet / comply with any present Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Aircraft, or other established C O Standard except those of George E. Kerr and C O – Experts.


3. WARNING: C O Monitors / Alarms are not UL-Listed as Smoke, Fire, Combustible or other Gas Detectors, and you do need to obtain additional products designed for your Protection from these Hazards. Your New Model 2015 Low Level C O “Health” Monitor will provide a very good, fast responding additional detector in the case of a slow smoldering type fire in your home or building due to the fact that such smoke contains high, deadly levels of C O which your C O Monitor will detect and alarm to in REAL TIME in a matter of seconds. Often long before the smoke detectors used in most homes.


The very “Professionally Done” Promo Film, [ Titled: “Carbon Monoxide Alarm Considerations for Code Authorities Alarm overview”] that UL, Inc. shows to all of the Fire Chiefs, State Officials and Code Writers never says one single word about the FACT that UL 2034 REQUIRING NO, NONE, ZERO C O audible alarm activations below 70PPM, plus or minus 5PPM.

The UL, Inc. way around defining their lack of testing below 70PPM is by saying:Our Levels of testing are designed to eliminate excessive false alarms due to “PROPERLY OPERATING HEATING APPLIANCES” and “PASSING” Traffic.

OH REALLY,…64 PPM of C O in a home from a “Properly Functioning Heating Appliance” ?
I should add that according to then Hazmat Chief, John Eversole, in December, 2004 during the “Chicago Disaster” of THOUSANDS of C O false alarms within 48 hours, the HIGHEST EPA C O Reading Recorded on the streets in Chicago was 19PPM; ….. NOT 70PPM ! ! !


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