In your Home, your workplace, your car, your RV, your boat; your airplane, or in your shirt pocket or in your purse; anywhere you may be C O – EXPERTS tells you if the air you are now breathing is C O Safe in SECONDS, NOT HOURS. ONLY “REAL TIME” IS always IN TIME!


Introducing the Model 2017R- ULTRA Low Level C O “Heath” Monitors in our New small, round, [2.5 inch diameter & 1.5 inches deep, [Profile], with Audible Warnings starting at 5, 10, or 25PPM. [Constant LCD display, no buttons to push]

The ULTRA- Model 2017R is designed to use two AAA replaceable batteries and to provide all the fully automatic features our customers have learned to expect from C O EXPERTS.

This Low Level C O “Health” Monitor provides exactly the same features as the C O – Experts Model 2016 except it utilizes a small round housing and has replaceable batteries as many of you have requested. Thanks to the extremely Low power consumption design and components, these batteries “could” last up to two years if audible alarms are kept to a minimum.
To many customers the most important benefit of our NEW ULTRA Series of C O “Health” Monitors is our “Person to Person” Sales & Service Policy including our Extendable Warranty and our Five Year Service Agreement.

By calling: 888-443-5377 you will be able to speak directly to George or a member of our “C O Dream Team” who can answer any questions you may have concerning the audible or visual warnings your C O Monitor is giving you and what your response needs to be considering your personal medical condition.

Unlike other so called low level C O detectors, ULTRA by C O Experts constantly displays the C O PPM level present on the LCD in “REAL TIME” every time automatically, NO BUTTONS TO PUSH.

All of our New ULTRA and C O – Experts C O Monitors include a fully automatic “Silence” feature. After four minutes of repeated audible alarm warnings, the automatic “Silence / Silence over-rides” feature will be employed automatically. All C O Levels & periods of “Silence” remain the same regardless if “Silence feature” has been employed manually or automatically.

George has applied improved technology to provide the World’s finest “REAL TIME” fully automatic selection of unique “Health & Lifesaving” features, available only on C O – EXPERTS or ULTRA C O Monitors.

“At C O – Experts, our GOAL is to offer the BEST “REAL TIME” C O & Smoldering Fire Protection in the World, not the cheapest.” … George E. Kerr, CEO / Founder.


Model 2017R Features:

Audible Alarm: Initial Warning Level: 5, 10, or 25

5 or 10 to 24 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute _ if pregnant get fresh air
25 to 34 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute _ if pregnant get fresh air
35 to 50 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps every 30 seconds _ pregnant, elderly, all persons with medical conditions _ EVACUATE NOW!
“HI” ….ONE Series of four beeps every 20 Seconds – CALL 911 & EVACUATE NOW!

SILENCE Feature: … Periods of elapsed time: To activate “Silence touch the “test / Silence button ASAP after all audible alarms. If you are not at home or are unable to touch the button, after four minutes the Silence is automatically employed.

5 or 10 to 24 PPM … Silence … 24 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute
25 to 34 PPM … Silence … 8 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute
35 to 50 PPM … Silence … ONE Hour with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Twice a minute
“HI” … Silence….4 Minutes with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Three Times A minute

LCD _ Constant Visual C O PPM displayed from 5 PPM UP to 50 PPM _ then LCD displays: “HI” if C O PPM present is over 50 PPM. Below 5PPM LCD will be blank.


STORED DATA and RECALL when “Test / Silence” button is pushed:

1. When Monitor is in audible alarm mode when Test button is pushed LCD will first display “SIL”.

2. Displays “Peak / High” Reading recorded in the previous 24 hours.

3. Display shows COHb that would have resulted from the C O Exposure in the previous 24 hours.

4. Display then returns to the level of C O currently present or be blank if C O present is under 5.


TO Clear ALL Stored Data and “Silence / Hush” period:

Depress the “Test / Silence” button continuously for seven seconds, [ 7 seconds ].
The Monitor will emit one single Beep and the LCD will display “CLR”, confirming that the stored data and “Silence Periods” have been erased.


QUESTIONS, OR TO PLACE AN ORDER: E-mail: coexpert101@yahoo.com

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