On your Wall, on its Vertical Stand, in your belt holster, in your shirt pocket, OR in your PURSE,
C O – EXPERTS tells you if the air you are now breathing is C O Safe in SECONDS, NOT HOURS. ONLY “REAL TIME” IS always IN TIME!

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C O – EXPERTS Model 2016 Low Level C O “Health” Monitors _ Made for Professional Licensed Contractors for the ULTIMATE C O Protection in every home.

“REAL TIME” … Audible Alarms starting at 10PPM at the same time the LCD is constantly displaying the C O PPM currently being detected in your C O Sensor.

The New Model 2016 also includes a fully automatic “Silence” feature. After four minutes of repeated audible alarm warnings, if you have been unable to manually push the “Silence Button”, the automatic “Silence / Silence over-rides” feature will be employed. All C O Levels & periods of “Silence” remain the same regardless if “Silence feature” has been employed manually or automatically.
“At C O – Experts our GOAL is to offer the BEST “REAL TIME” C O & Smoldering Fire Protection in the World, not the cheapest.” … George E. Kerr, CEO / Founder.


Model 2016 Features:

The Model 2016 will be available ONLY from Licensed Contractors and Agents or Agencies Approved by C O – Experts. [Questions to: coexperts@seabreeze.ca ]
Warranties on Monitors NOT obtained DIRECTLY from Authorized Licensed Contractors , Agents or non-profit Agencies WILL NOT BE HONORED. A “Dated Proof of Purchase RECEIPT” will be required on all returns.

Visual C O Display starts at 7 PPM
Audible Alarm: Initial Warning Levels: 10PPM or 25PPM optional at time of purchase.

10 to 24 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute _ if pregnant get fresh air
25 to 34 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute _ if pregnant get fresh air
35 to 50 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps every 30 seconds _ pregnant, elderly, all persons with medical conditions _ EVACUATE NOW !
“HI” ….ONE Series of four beeps every 20 Seconds – CALL 911 & EVACUATE NOW !

SILENCE Feature: … Periods of elapsed time:
To activate “Silence”, touch the “test / Silence button ASAP after all audible alarms. If you are not at home or are unable to touch the button, after four minutes the Silence is automatically employed.

10 to 24 PPM … Silence … 24 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute
25 to 34 PPM … Silence … 8 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute
35 to 50 PPM … Silence … ONE Hour with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Twice a minute
“HI” … Silence….4 Minutes with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Three Times A minute
LCD _ Constant Visual C O PPM displayed from 7 PPM UP to 50 PPM _ then LCD displays: “HI” if C O PPM present is over 50 PPM.
Below 7 PPM LCD will display “0”.

STORED DATA and RECALL when “Display” button is pushed:
1. When Monitor is in audible alarm mode when Test button is pushed
LCD will first display “SIL”.
2. Displays “Peak / High” Reading recorded in the previous 24 hours.
3. Display shows COHb that would have resulted from the C O Exposure
during the previous 24 hours.
4. Display then returns to the level of C O currently present or “0” if C O
present is under 7 PPM.

TO Clear ALL Stored Data and “Silence / Hush” period:
Depress both the “Test Button” and the “Display Button” at the SAME TIME FOR SEVEN SECONDS, [the green L E D will blink once very briefly], release both buttons immediately and the Stored data has now been “Cleared”, LCD WILL SHOW “CLR” & Beep once.



The only way to “ACCURATELY TEST” a C O alarm is with C O Test Gas 100PPM or less.

The C O – Experts C O alarm “Test / Demo Plastic Bag “Side by Side” Response Time Test is a very simple, quick, easy and effective way to personally compare the “Response Time” required at various levels of C O present by the different Models or types of C O alarms presently on the market.

Instructions for doing a “Side by Side” C O alarm TEST/ DEMO:

1. Make sure all units to be tested are “Powered Up” by pushing their “Test Buttons.”

2. Prepare a new, unused aerosol can by inserting the straw into the hole in the trigger. Remove the blue plastic safety lock on the top of the trigger. If the aerosol can is a new, fully pressurized can, you may have to “Hold” the straw in place to keep the high pressure from blowing the straw out of the trigger nozzle hole.

3. Fully open the test bag you intend to use. [If you are going to test three or more C O alarms at one time you will need to use the large test bag, if you are planning to test just one other C O alarm side by side with a C O – Experts you should use a smaller one gallon test bag. Using the smaller test bags uses up less of your test gas.

4. Place the C O alarms to be tested inside the proper size plastic test bag and zip the closure shut except for about one to two inches. Insert the straw into the bag through the open slot in the zipper, then close the zipper closely toward the straw. Then squeeze the trigger on the aerosol can once for one second if using a small test bag and desire a lower C O PPM test. If you want a higher C O PPM test just squeeze the trigger for two seconds. In the large test bag with three to six C O alarms in it, you will need to squeeze two or three seconds for a 20 to 40 PPM C O Test and about four seconds for a high C O PPM test. Quickly remove the straw and completely zip the bag tightly closed. In every case wait for a minute or two for the test gas to circulate throughout the entire bag before deciding if you want to put in more gas. IN EVERY TEST, AS SOON AS YOU STOP SQUEEZING THE TRIGGER TO PUT GAS IN THE BAG, IMMEDIATELY REMOVE THE STRAW FROM WITHIN THE BAG AND ZIP THE CLOSURE COMPLETELY SHUT.

5. If you put enough gas into the bag, [ten PPM or more, the C O – Experts will sound its audible alarm warning within a minute or less, and you should push the “Test / Silence” Button on the C O – Experts Monitor to conserve its battery power. Then you just WAIT & WAIT & WAIT for the UL-2034 C O alarm to Sound its Audible Warning.

6. ALL UL-2034 Listed C O alarms will remain Silent for one to four hours at 70 PPM, EVERY TIME. Often for very much longer.