10PPM Version of our New Model PG-2017R-10



The ULTRA-10  is designed to use two AAA replaceable batteries and to provide all the fully automatic features our customers have learned to expect from C O EXPERTS.
This Low Level C O “Health” Monitor provides exactly the same features as the C O – Experts Model 2016 except it utilizes a small round housing and has replaceable batteries as many of you have requested. Thanks to the extremely Low power consumption design and components, these batteries “could” last up to three to five years if audible alarms are kept to a minimum.
To many customers the most important benefit of our NEW ULTRA Series of C O “Health” Monitors is our “Person to Person” Sales & Service Policy.
By calling: 888-443-5377 you will be able to speak directly to a member of our “C O Dream Team” to respond to all of your C O Monitor’s C O audible Warnings & displays of C O PPM readings on the Monitor’s LCD, or to any Monitor “Fault Warning” [one single Beep at a time], indicating a functional problem in your C O Monitor.

 10 to 24 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute
25to 34 PPM _ also ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute.
35 to 50 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps every 30 seconds
“High” ….ONE Series of four beeps every 20 Seconds
SILENCE Feature: … Periods of elapsed time: To activate “Silence touch the “test / Silence button ASAP after all audible alarms. If you are not at home or are unable to touch the button, after four minutes the Silence is automatically employed.
10 to 24 PPM … Silence … 24 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a min.
25 to 34 PPM … Silence … 8 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a min.
35 to 50 PPM … Silence … ONE Hour with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Twice a min.
“High” … Silence….
4 Minutes with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Three Times a min.
Automatic Fault Detection
In the unlikely event of a fault developing in your Monitor, it will emit one beep every minute. If this happens DO NOT OPEN THE Monitor except for unscrewing the Monitor from the mounting plate to replace the two AAA batteries if the LCD is displaying “bAT”. There are no user serviceable parts inside, and opening the Monitor will automatically VOID your warranty.
Remove from the base plate to remove the batteries and return it to the manufacturer at the address indicated in this Manual.
All “Fault” Warnings result in your C O Monitor Beeping one single beep while the LCD display screen is showing “bat” if the battery has reached the end of its “Useful Life.
If the C O Monitor has developed any type of electronic failure, the LCD will Display “ERR”, indicating the Monitor needs to be repaired or replaced. When the sensor has reached the end of its “useful life” the Monitor will beep a single beep while the red L.E.D. flashes and the LCD shows “Sensor End” telling you it is now DEAD and must be replaced IMMEDIATELY.

If this occurs you need to contact C O – Experts for a MRA NUMBER PRIOR TO RETURNING your C O Monitor at: TEL: 1-888-443-5377, 417-426-5504 or the Cell number that is on your receipt of purchase..
At any time, by simply pushing the “Test” button on your Monitor the LCD will recall the “Peak”, [the highest C O PPM seen and recorded during the preceding 24 hours], followed by the percentage of COHb, [the C O Poisoning accumulated effect in the human blood stream. This is the amount of the C O exposure that you would have experienced if you had been exposed to that same C O PPM level during that same period of time. The LCD will then return to “Blank”, [“0”], or the C O PPM level present if it is above 4 PPM.
If, after a C O exposure in your home, [or any other location], you want to erase, [Clear], the Stored Data previously recorded, you may do so by simply depressing the “Test” & holding it depressed for 7 seconds and the old data will be Cleared and CANNOT be retrieved again; therefore you may want to make a record of the C O Readings before “Clearing” them.
This ULTRA Low Level C O “Health” Monitor provides C O & Smoldering Fire Protection I could not even “Dreamed of” in 1953, or even in 1972.


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Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377