Model 2015 Owner’s Manual

C O-Experts Model 2015

Level C O “Health” Monitor OWNER’S MANUAL

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The Model 2015 is designed to be available ONLY from Licensed Contractors or Agencies Approved and Registered by C O – Experts.

Warranties on Model 2015 C O “Health” Monitors NOT obtained DIRECTLY from an Authorized Contractor or Agent WILL NOT BE HONORED. Dated “Proof of Purchase RECEIPT” from a licensed Contractor or Approved Agent will be required on all returns.


Pregnant Women, Infants, Young Children, the Elderly, and people with Chronic Medical Conditions are at FAR Greater Risk when they have elevated levels of COHb. All persons with serious illnesses will start to suffer much more due to Oxidative Stress which increases as a result of even very low levels of Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning. People having Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysema, Heart Disease, Anemia or COPD will experience extreme difficulty in breathing.


 1. This Low-Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor is NOT a “Standard”, UL 2034, ULC, or CSA Listed C O Alarm and is not intended to replace the installation of such products, as inferior as they are in my opinion, if such a CO Alarm is “Required” by State or Local “By-Laws” that DO NOT contain a “Or Superior or Improved Technology” Clause. If you live in such a location you may need to install a cheap UL-Listed “Retail Grade” C O alarm also. Then install one or more C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitors to provide the vital protection that you and your entire family needs from Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning which is not provided by ANY UL / CSA Listed C O alarm.

 2. WARNING: C O Monitors / Alarms are not UL-Listed as Smoke, Fire, Combustible or other Gas Detectors, and you do need to obtain additional products designed for your Protection from these Hazards. Your New Model 2015 Low Level C O “Health” Monitor will provide a very good, fast responding additional detector in the case of a slow smoldering type fire in your home or building due to the fact that such smoke contains high, deadly levels of C O which your C O Monitor will detect and alarm to in REAL TIME in a matter of seconds. Often long before the smoke detectors used in most homes.

 3. I want to repeat this product is a C O “Health” Monitor; therefore, this C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor is designed to Exceed the Early Warning Detection Requirements of any and all C O Standards, Codes or Requirements for C O “Alarms” presently enacted anywhere in the World. Therefore, this Monitor is not designed to meet / comply with any present Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Aircraft, or other established C O Standard except those of George E. Kerr and C O – Experts.



Regardless of how you intend to use your new C O Monitor, by using the wall bracket, or by using Velcro as George recommends, on the vertical stand, or as a portable in a holster or in your shirt pocket, you must either  personally manually move the “OFF / ON” TOGGLE SWITCH INSIDE THE VERTICLE SLOT IN THE REAR OF THE MAIN BODY OF THE MONITOR HOUSING TO THE UPWARD POSITION TO ACTIVATE THE POWER TO YOUR C O MONITOR. Using the Velcro to wall mount your C U Monitor also makes it far easier to take your Monitor off the wall to take it with you when you travel or to turn off the power where you want to when on a Commercial flight or to be mailed or shipped.


Mounting the Monitor with the wall bracket on wall.

Decide on the location for the monitor in an open, unobstructed area, generally in the hallway outside the bedrooms is the recommended installation location if you purchased only one C O Monitor. You can get additional guidance from the section below titled “Where to install the monitor”.

Using the screws and bracket supplied affix firmly to the wall.

Assemble the monitor to the base plate. The monitor will automatically switch on and beep 4 times with lights and display.

Note: To remove the monitor from the base plate, depress the tag fully towards the back of the Base plate and slide the monitor towards the top. This procedure of disconnecting the TOP and the BOTTOM plates of the Monitor is your ONLY WAY of disconnecting the battery power to prepare your Monitor for shipping and to silence all audible alarms until they are reconnected

As a portable device:

Using Velcro, the Vertical Stand, a Leather Holster or carried in your pocket, are all “Portable” uses.

1. Assemble the monitor in your hands. The monitor will automatically switch on and beep four times with lights and display. Test the monitor using the test button.

2.Attach the stand

3. Place the monitor in your chosen position in free air with no local obstructions and close to the front edge of shelves and surfaces. See “Where to install the monitor” below. Test the monitor using the test button.

4. If you choose to use the Velcro to Mount your Monitor, make sure both surfaces are clean before attaching the Velcro strips, or smaller pieces thereof to assure a good, strong contact. Test the monitor using the test button.

NOTE: : To remove the monitor from the base plate, depress the small “tag” lever fully towards the back of the Base plate and slide the monitor towards the top of the Back Plate.

The battery is sealed in and is not replaceable. It should last 5 years, the expected “Useful Life” of the Monitor. After approx. five years the Monitor will beep two times every minute to indicate it has reached the END of its “Useful LIFE”. At this point the Monitor must be replaced

5. Where to install your C O Monitor in your home

The First Priority in every home is to protect you as you sleep; therefore, if you can truly afford to purchase only one C O Monitor, you MUST install it in your bedroom area. Usually it is required to be installed in the hallway outside of each bedroom area, within 15 feet of each bedroom doorway. If you have a thermostat in this hallway, installing your C O Monitor directly above it is a Great location. It can be installed on any INSIDE WALL, mounted “Head High’, or slightly higher; however, be sure all adult and older children can easily reach the “Test & Silence buttons” and where everyone can easily and clearly see the Monitor’s display window.

If you already have a C O alarm or C O Monitor in the hallway outside your bedrooms, then you should consider using the unique mounting stand provided with every Model 2014 to put the new Monitor within the Master Bedroom and / or within the bedroom of any seriously ill person or in any other room where the ill person spends a lot of time.

The C O – Experts Low-Level C O “Health” Monitor can be installed in any indoor, “Lived In” area, where it can be both heard and seen visually on a regular basis. The Monitor should never be installed where either the display or the audible alarm will be obstructed in any manner.

Additional Low-Level Monitors should be installed in other areas of your home where any member of your family spends a lot of time, or in other areas where there are possible sources or circulation / distribution of C O being produced or expelled into the living area.

6. Where NOT to install your C O MONITOR:

Outdoors, or in ANY unheated area where temperatures may drop below -10C, or above 40C,

For more than a 24 hour period

NEVER install behind drapes or curtains.

NEVER install within 5 feet of vents, flues, or chimneys.

NEVER install within 5 feet of any combustion appliance, such as ovens, ranges, stoves, fireplaces, furnaces, etc. [ Exception: I personally DO install one, if possible, on a wall near all unvented gas heaters; as well as hot water heaters if they are located in the “Lived In” area of the home.

NEVER install Within 4 feet of corners or solid barriers, or any other areas where the free circulation of air may be impeded or prevented.

NEVER install in any place where the Monitor may be physically damaged or exposed to water, rain or other liquids.

7. MAINTENANCE required by Consumer:

How long your Monitor will last is UP TO YOU. Follow Instructions.

Vacuum your Monitor frequently, at least once a month with the hair / fiber brush.

Testing your C O Monitor

Test your C O Monitor once a week using the test button. It should flash all three LED’S once, followed by 4 beeps from the sounder.

Cleaning your C O Monitor

Regular cleaning of the Monitor is essential if it is to work properly. Keep free of dust and vacuum it every month and ensure the vents are clear. Every six months wipe the outside with a damp cloth to remove staining and grease from cooking act.

Battery Information

The battery is sealed in and is not replaceable. It should last 5 years, the expected life of the Monitor. After approx. five years the Monitor will beep two times every minute to indicate it has reached the END of its Useful  LIFE. At this point the Monitor must be replaced

8. Automatic Fault Detection

In the unlikely event of a fault developing in your Monitor, it will emit one beep every minute. If this happens DO NOT OPEN THE Monitor, there are no user serviceable parts inside, and opening the Monitor will automatically VOID your warranty. Remove from the base plate to turn your Monitor OFF and return it to the manufacturer at the address indicated in this Manual.

All “Fault” Warnings result in your C O Monitor Beeping one single beep while the LCD display screen is showing “bat” if the battery has reached the end of its “Useful Life.

If the C O Monitor has developed any type of electronic failure, the LCD will Display “ERR”, indicating the Monitor needs to be repaired or replaced. If this occurs you need to contact George or Pat at C O – Experts for a MRA NUMBER PRIOR TO RETURNING your C O Monitor at: TEL: 1-888-443-5377 or 417-426-5504



At any time, by simply touching the “Display” button on the Right Side of your Monitor below the row of three L.E.D. lights, the LCD will recall the “Peak”, [the highest C O PPM seen and recorded during the preceding24 hours], followed by the percentage of COHb, [the C O Poisoning accumulated effect in the human blood stream. This is the amount of the C O exposure that you would have experienced if you had been exposed to that same C O PPM level during that same period of time. The LCD will then return to displaying “0” or the C O PPM level present if it is above 6 PPM.

If, after a C O exposure in your home, [or any other location], you want to erase, [Clear], the Stored Data previously recorded, you may do so by simply depressing BOTH the “Test” and the “Display” buttons at the same exact time and continue to hold them BOTH depressed until the L.E.D. flashes and the sounder beeps a single beep. Release BOTH buttons immediately and the old data will be Cleared and CANNOT be retrieved again; therefore you may want to make a record of the C O Readings before :Clearing” them.


Visual: 0 to 6 displays “0”, from 7 PPM UP to “HI” displays C O PPM constantly.

Audible warnings as follows:

 10 to 24 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute

25to 34 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minutes

35 to 50 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps every 30 seconds

“High” ….ONE Series of four beeps every 20 Seconds



10 to 24 PPM … Silence … 24 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute

25 to 34 PPM … Silence … 8 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute

35 to 50 PPM … Silence … ONE Hour with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Twice a minute

“High” … Silence….4 Minutes with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Three Times A .INUTE

12. Limited Warranty

The terms of this guarantee will not apply in the following circumstances:


The Model 2015 is designed to be available ONLY from Licensed Contractors or Agencies Approved and Registered by C O – Experts.

Warranties on Model 2015 C O “Health” Monitors NOT obtained DIRECTLY from an Licensed Contractor or Registered Agent WILL NOT BE HONORED. Dated “Proof of Purchase RECEIPT” from a Licensed Contractor or Approved, Registered  Agent will be required on all returns.

If the Monitor has been modified, dismantled, contaminated, dropped, damaged, neglected or otherwise abused or altered following the date of purchase, or if it fails to operate due to incorrect installation, specifically drawn to the users attention that substantial periods in alarm will shorten the Monitor’s life, during which time it will have provided valuable protection and no claim under the guarantee will be honored.

The standard Limited Warranty on this Model 2014 C O Monitor is one year, twelve months from the date of Purchase, but such date of purchase is NOT to exceed Three Years from the Date of Manufacture; however, an Extended Warranty may be added on some purchases for an additional fee. If such extended warranty is granted on your monitor it must be indicated on the original invoice. In no case shall extended warranties be granted after date of purchase.

C O – Experts total liability on this Monitor under the terms of this guarantee shall not in any case exceed the cost of replacement of the Monitor. In no case, shall C O – Experts be liable for consequential loss or damage resulting from the failure of the Monitor or the breach of this or any other guarantee, expressed or implied or for damage caused by failure to abide by the instructions supplied.

This guarantee does not affect your statutory rights.

IMPROTANT: This device is not suitable as a combustible gas detector. It should not be regarded as a substitute for the proper servicing of fossil fuel burning appliances such as gas, oil, paraffin, bio-fuel, wood, coke, charcoal or coal fired boilers, room heaters and cookers, etc, or their flues.

Distributors, Dealers or Contractors are NOT responsible for RETURNING Monitors requiring warranty / service; however, if they DO attempt to provide this service, they MUST enclose a FULL, DATED Copy of the original bill of sale or installation / work order. NO Exceptions.

Upon receipt of same, the obligation of C O – Experts under this warranty is limited to the repairing or replacing of any parts which it finds under normal care and use, to be defective in material or workmanship as long as such parts or components are still commercially available, and the returning of same to the customer. This warranty shall NOT APPLY to any C O Monitors that have been opened, dropped, damaged, modified, abused or altered in any way after the date of purchase, whether intentional or accidental, or if used for purposes, or in environments / conditions other than those intended or for which it is recommended herein, after the date of purchase, or if it fails to operate due to improper maintenance or inadequate battery power.

Since some States do not allow limitations on the duration of an implied warranty or do not allow the exclusions or limitations of incidental or consequential damages, the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. While this warranty gives you specific legal rights. You may also have rights that vary from State to State.

The above warranty may not be altered, increased or decreased in coverage, or changed in any way, by any agent, representative, distributor / dealer or employee.

Warranty or Service work will not be done on any return that did not arrive prepaid and with a MRA Number from C O – Experts and a dated receipt of proof of purchase.

Send all Service or Warranty Return to:

C O – Experts

19299 Katrina Lane

Eldridge, MO 65463-9102

Tel: 1-417-426-5504


Any mix of the following symptoms may be due to C O exposure, especially if chronic, or if it is noticed by more than one person in the home or workplace at the same time: Headache, Fatigue, Nausea, Vomiting, Confusion, Memory Loss, Heart/Chest Pain, Rapid Heart Beat, Rapid Breathing, Shortness of Breath, Changes in Vision, Hearing, Touch, Taste, or Smell.

What Is Carbon Monoxide?

Carbon Monoxide (CO) is an extremely poisonous gas. It is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas released by the incomplete combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas, bottled gas, petrol, diesel, oil, paraffin, wood, coal coke and bio-fuels.

When inhaled, it causes chemical asphyxiation, when CO mixes with the blood and reduces the oxygen carried around the body, in particular to the brain. The following symptoms are typical of CO poisoning and should be discussed with all members of your household.

Mild Exposure:

Slight headache, nausea, fatigue, often thought to be flu ymptoms. Think CO.

Medium Exposure:

Severe throbbing headache, drowsiness, confusion, vomiting and fast heart rate.

Extreme Exposure:

Unconsciousness, Convulsions, Cardio-respiratory failure, death.

Although feeling unwell, victims of CO poisoning become so disoriented that they can no longer decide what to do next, including being unable to exit the building or call for assistance. Very young children often show symptoms earlier than adults.


Being affected while asleep is the most dangerous situation as the victim will not awaken as a result.


Normal Operation, Green LED Flashes once a minute

Visual Alarm ………..…. Red, Green and Yellow L.E.D.

Audible Alarm……… Piezo _ 85dB at 10 feet

Display Range 7 to 50 PPM to “High” Constantly Displayed. – to 6 PPM displays “0”

Data Recall …. “HI” [PEAK] Recorded in the last 24 hours and the COHb resulting from such C O exposure, display returns to Current C O Level if present is7 PPM or higher. If less than 7 PPM is present, display will show “0”

Sensor ………… Electrochemical Sensor, 5 year normal life

Power ………..… Non-replaceable Sealed Lithium Battery 5 year normal life

Operating Humidity … 30 to 90% non saturated Recommended

Operation Temperature ……………. -20 to 40 C

Size ……………. 33/4” H, 21/2 W at top, 1” W. at base

Weight …………  4 ounces

Limited Warranty…… One year plus options

Normal Expected Useful Life … 5 years depending on care.



CO Experts

19299 Katrina Lane; Eldridge Missouri 65463-9102

Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377

CO Experts
19299 Katrina Lane – Eldridge Missouri 65463-9102
Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377