!!! Posted June 26th
Park City Police concerned about CO levels in patrol vehicle

PARK CITY, Kan. (KSNW) — The Park City Police Department has parked one of its patrol vehicles, over concerns about carbon monoxide levels in the vehicle… Sgt. Keith Goodall, Park City Police, first had concerns with his Ford Explorer Police Interceptor about a year ago, when he started smelling strange odors in his cruiser… “As you come to a cruising speed it’s almost somehow the exhaust is coming back into the vehicle,” said Goodall… After taking it into the local shop, mechanics found higher than normal levels of carbon monoxide. After multiple attempts to figure out what’s causing the problem, the department decided to park it…


!!! Posted April 3rd
San Marcos Police to Equip All Vehicles With Carbon Monoxide Detection
TWC News
Police officers from other departments reporting carbon monoxide poisoning in Ford Explorers sparked the San Marcos Police Department to take action to protect their own, and then some… “The hazardous fumes can get into the vehicle and keep feeding into the passenger compartment,” he said… The trouble could come from any make or model car… So the department is moving to outfit all their units with equipment to detect the poisonous, odorless, colorless gas…


!!! Posted March 26th
How local police are handling Ford carbon monoxide issue
AUSTIN (KXAN) — Law enforcement agencies across the country have Ford Explorers in their fleet and the agencies in Central Texas are no different. Here’s a list of how the departments are handling the CO issue…


!!! Posted March 24th
Austin officer undergoing hyperbaric treatments after CO poisoning
AUSTIN (KXAN) — The Austin police officer who suffered carbon monoxide poisoning from his patrol car is undergoing hyperbaric chamber treatments, says the Austin Police Association. The agency says the sergeant needs the treatment to “remove toxins from his body.” After last weekend’s incident, the Austin Police Department announced they are installing carbon monoxide detectors in their entire fleet of nearly 400 Ford Explorers…


!!! Posted March 21st
APD installing carbon monoxide detectors in Ford Explorers
AUSTIN – After an Austin police sergeant likely suffered carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning over the weekend, the department will install carbon detectors in all 361 APD Ford Explorers by the end of the week… the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received at least 450 similar complaints about possible exhaust leaks in some Ford Explorers. It launched an investigation in 2016, covering models from 2011 to 2015… But there is still no recall…


Posted March 19th
!!! Austin Police Officer Gets Sick Driving Police Ford Explorer
An Austin (TX) Police officer has been released from the hospital after getting sick from carbon monoxide while in his patrol vehicle… early Saturday morning when he began feeling nauseated. He hit a curb and then called for help… A federal investigation was launched in July after over 100 reports of carbon monoxide leaks were reported in 2011-2015 Explorers…


!!! Posted March 10th
Sheriff concerned about possible Carbon Monoxide leaks into Ford Explorer SUVs
East Idaho News
DRIGGS — Then the officer learned hundreds of drivers had complained about exhaust, which contains carbon monoxide, leaking into the cabin of Ford Explorers… discovered the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an investigation last July and so far more than 400 people have filed complaints… “What’s concerning to me is we got no notification from Ford that this was a problem,” Liford says. “I would expect notifications to law enforcement agencies since this is such a popular vehicle.”…


Carbon monoxide poisoning ruled to be cause of Henderson police officer crash




Additional Ford Explorer & other C O Vehicle incidents in 2017


Is your Ford Explorer leaking exhaust?


Another Austin police officer possibly exposed to carbon monoxide
AUSTIN – Nearly two months after an Austin police officer was exposed to carbon monoxide while driving in his patrol car, officials said another officer …


!!! Posted February 18th
Is The Ford Explorer Making You Sick?
Hundreds of Ford Explorer owners say their vehicle is making them sick with a rotten egg or sulfur exhaust smell leaking into the vehicle cabin that drivers fear could be toxic. Ford has issued three repair bulletins designed to fix the problem but it is not a recall so owners would not be notified about the issue…


!!! Posted February 15th
Lawsuit: Ford Explorers may be making hundreds of owners sick
DETROIT, MI (WCMH) — A lawsuit filed by a California police officer claims a defect in Ford Explorers can leak poisonous gasses into the SUV… NBC affiliate WDIV reports that more than 400 people have filed complaints with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration… In the lawsuit, Newport Beach, California police officer Brian McDowell claims he suffered a traumatic brain injury after he passed out while driving a Ford Explorer. McDowell’s lawyer told WDIV that McDowell was responding to a call when he felt sick and blacked out. He said he didn’t remember anything else until he was cut out of the car…


!!! Posted February 14th
Is your Ford Explorer leaking exhaust?
CBS News
The Ford Explorer is the best-selling midsize SUV in the country, with around one million on the road. But hundreds of customers say the vehicles might be making them sick…


!!! Posted March 23rd
MD EMT saves life of cop who has been his friend since childhood
Once Martin located the cruiser, he found Biddy unresponsive inside. Other emergency units soon arrived and rushed Biddy to the hospital where he got the help he needed… It was determined that Biddy’s cruiser was leaking carbon monoxide into the car and the reason he was so sick and had passed out was due to CO poisoning from the car…


!!! Posted March 22nd
Austin Police Warn About Poison in Cop Car
… the officer bumped into a curb and called for assistance… He was taken to the hospital and doctors found high levels of carbon monoxide in his body… “The injuries associated with carbon monoxide poison have to do with lack of oxygenation, primary to the brain, so you get a headache early. Sometimes nausea, vomiting, progressing to true changes in mental status, and it can actually make you comatose if they levels get high enough.”…


Going back in time at [by Bob Dwyer]


Carbon monoxide poisoning ruled to be cause of Henderson police officer crash
HENDERSON, La. (KLFY) – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is looking into the case of a Henderson police officer passing out because of carbon monoxide poisoning… On the afternoon of April 26th, the officer was wrapping up her shift and driving back to the police department. She made it about a mile down the Henderson Highway before losing consciousness… Captain Thibodeaux says, “When she was treated at the hospital we requested testing for carbon monoxide which is a special test and her levels came out near lethal.”.. This isn’t the first case of people getting sick because of carbon monoxide leaks in the Ford Explorer…


Posted April 29th (I placed this story of mine on the blog this day because of the car in the parking lot deaths that occurred in Kansas City around this time. Not a police cruiser, but a car. The first full posting of this “Idling car, measuring CO” was on January 10th.)
Sitting in a new idling car measuring carbon monoxide on a cold day
Bob Dwyer, CSME Carbon Monoxide Safety
There was a car close to me in the lot. It was driverless but idling several open spaces away while the driver had gone back into the motel lobby to keep warm, while his car warmed up and helped with the defrosting of the windows of the vehicle. I also noted the exhaust from that idling car was rolling back under the vehicle due to the 5-6 mile per hour prevailing wind… I started my cold rental and took three separate low level carbon monoxide monitors out of the pockets of my coat… How much carbon monoxide are you in when sitting inside a vehicle while it is idling?


Posted April 29th (I posted stories about this event several times.)
KC parking lot deaths point to dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning
Family members say they have a lot of questions after the sudden passing of 26-year-old Carolyn Williams, though they say they understand her death was accidental…


Posted April 29th
Two parents of five die of carbon monoxide poisoning in their SUV while sitting in a Kansas City parking lot
Daily Mail
There have been no reports of why or how long Williams-Cottier and Roth were in the vehicle before they lost consciousness… ‘She passed away from carbon monoxide poisoning without knowing the danger. She was innocently spending time talking with a friend, just like we all do,’…


Posted April 24th
Two found dead with high carbon monoxide levels in SUV at KCK Wal-Mart near Legends
Kansas City Star
The bodies were found about midmorning in the parking lot of the Wal-Mart store in the 10900 block of Parallel Avenue, Police Chief Terry Zeigler said… Police did not have an official cause of death, although there were high levels of carbon monoxide in the SUV, Zeigler said…


Posted April 12th
Accidental carbon monoxide poisoning killed 2 teens in St. Charles, police say
Chicago Daily Herald
No other substances were found in their bloodstreams, according to the coroner’s news release… According to a St. Charles police news release, the car’s manifold was not connected to the exhaust tail pipe. Exhaust emptied into the engine compartment instead of out the tailpipe…


Posted April 6th
Home health aide treated for CO exposure
Traverse City Record Eagle
The man, a Comfort Keepers home health aide, was treated for carbon monoxide exposure at paramedic training at Munson Medical Center… The man suspects he encountered the carbon monoxide in his vehicle…


Posted April 5th (Outside the US, but vehicle exhaust deaths of people inside)
Gas Station Deaths Caused by Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Khaosod English
BANGKOK — Gas from the exhaust pipe of the 12-year-old Ford Escape leaked into the passenger cabin… were colleagues driving back from a management seminar in the Ratchada area. Police said they were one kilometer away from their workplace when they decided to pull over for a nap due to exhaustion, and fell into a deep sleep at the gas station before dying…


Posted April 3rd
Wife sues cab operator for husband’s carbon monoxide poisoning death
Herald Sun
THE heartbroken wife of a taxi driver poisoned while taking a power nap by carbon monoxide seeping in from a broken exhaust is suing the company that operated the killer cab… The death has also sparked calls for mandatory carbon monoxide checks on all cabs and for drivers to be schooled on the danger of taking “power naps” with their engine running…


Posted March 29th
Warming up a car buried in snow can prove deadly
Four Montrealers nearly succumbed to carbon-monoxide poisoning while sitting in their vehicles as their engines warmed up, buried in snow, reports CTV News… The nearly-fatal incidents occurred mid-March after a very heavy snowfall buried vehicles parked outdoors in a thick blanket of snow… Internal-combustion engines produce increased amounts of carbon-monoxide, or CO, when they are running inefficiently—namely on startup, when cold…


Posted March 22nd (Out of the country, but an auto poisoning while people were inside vehicle.)
Friends killed by carbon monoxide after Ford Fiesta ‘souped up’ to improve performance, inquest …
An inquest heard that Mr Putt, an engineering apprentice, had carried out a series of alterations to his car to improve its performance. He had removed the catalytic convertor from the exhaust and cut vents into the bonnet…


Posted March 11th
Homeowner: Car left running in garage for nearly 12 hours
Gurmail Ram said he left his truck running in the garage for nearly 12 hours. It all began when he decided to put air in the tires, Thursday night. Ram said he forgot to turn off the car after he was finished. Ram and his wife continued their evening– having dinner and going to bed– not knowing carbon monoxide was seeping into their home… “Around 2:30 I heard some noise because [my wife] fell down in the bathroom,” said Ram. “I saw she fell on the sink.”…


!!! Posted March 5th
Officials warn of carbon monoxide poisoning in vehicles
Sierra Wave
The Inyo County Coroner’s Office and the Mono County Sheriff-Coroner’s Office would like to remind both residents and visitors of the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from sitting within their running vehicles… During this period of inclement winter weather (and at all times), we would like to remind residents and visitors of the dangers of sleeping or sitting in a running vehicle. Snow piled up around a running vehicle can increase the risk of the buildup of carbon monoxide within the cabin of the vehicle…


Posted February 28th (Out of the country, but victims were inside a car.)
Child Narrowly Escapes CO Poisoning
Carbon monoxide was carried into the car since the exhaust pipe was apparently blocked… The heavy snowfall in Reykjavík on Sunday morning buried parked cars under a blanket, 51 cm (20 in) thick. The woman’s husband was getting the car and the kids ready to pick her up from work…


Posted February 13th ( Out of the country but involved people in an automobile)
Quick-thinking husband uses app to save two unconscious women from carbon monoxide-filled car
Two women, who were on their way back from a hen’s night in Sydney, have been lucky to escape after their car was filled with carbon monoxide… “They did say another half an hour and we would have been a different story.” There is no word on what caused the carbon monoxide leak but the vehicle will be examined by police and a mechanic…


Posted February 1st
Six kids, two adults hospitalized with possible carbon monoxide poisoning after truck gets stuck
Emergency workers got the first call just after 4 p.m. that there were multiple people trapped inside a vehicle in southern Washington County. The car had gone off the road and become stuck with the tailpipe underwater in a mud pit…


Posted January 22nd
Farmers could be at higher risk of carbon monoxide illness during winter
According to a Purdue University professor of agricultural and biological engineering, farmers could be at a higher risk of illness from carbon monoxide during the winter months… Bill Field says machinery, especially tractors without proper ventilation, could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning…


Posted January 9th
Watch which way the wind is blowing; measure how much is in car
This Is Why You Shouldn’t Idle Your Car on Cold Mornings
An idling car also releases carbon monoxide which can be fatal if too much of the gas is inhaled. Never let your car run in an enclosed space such as a garage…


Posted January 3rd (Not a new car; this was a used car CO death of passenger)
Dangerous fumes from car suspected in death of toddler
Cleveland 19 News
According to the police report, the car Lorne, his father and brother were riding did not have a catalytic converter. Both his dad and brother were sick…




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