Leawood CO Detector mounting Ford Interceptor Utility SUV

Mounted in the overhead area directly in front of the map light storage compartment. This unit has a band of electrical tape around the base as well as a circular piece of material directly over the opening for the warning horn. This attenuates the sound to a level that is still audible without being overly distracting to the officer.

We mount the base using the supplied screws to make holes directly through the headliner foam/hard board composite material. When removed the holes practically disappear as the material hides the small hole diameter.

Mounting goes through the headliner and in our case we use a small piece of packing foam as a “backer” for the supplied screw to secure into. Anything could be used but we found it easier with the limited access to just hold this material in place as the screws are “snugged” down. It does not require a lot of pressure and seem to hold with no issues.

Again this view shows what it will look like without the headliner.

This view is looking up into the opening with the map lights removed. The screw points are visible coming through the packing foam. You could just as easily use small machine screws and nuts but this method seem to work without issue.

Another view of the completed mount prior to installing the detector. Ours are offset to the right to accommodate another piece of equipment mounted further back. You could mount this centered or any place in the headliner. We prefer this location because it allows for a visual display as well as access to the controls on the unit.

Here are two units side by side.
The unit on the right has the tape applied around the base as well as a thin piece of material applied over the horn opening.
Feedback from the officers about the units:
1. They would prefer an all-black housing to match the other items in their vehicles.
2. With where we have them mounted the material over the horn opening reduces the volume to a level that is still very audible without being overtly distracting. Since they are in the overhead they are in a very close proximity to the ears, however this location also allows for a quick visual scan of the display.
3. Some type of low level back-lighting or a button that could be pressed for low light viewing could be a nice feature.

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Additional Ford Explorer & other C O vehicle incidents in 2017:


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