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If we could Combine the Strongest Features of the New EU CENELEC EN50291 and the CSA-6.19-01, we would, for the VERY FIRST TIME, have a Standard actually designed for the PROTECTION of the CONSUMER; rather than the CONVENIENCE and Profitability of the Alarm MANUFACTURER. Even then, “The Writing Authority”, would Most Likely, as happened in the Case of the New CENELEC EN 50291, DELAY the “EFFECTIVE, ENFORCEABLE DATE” for a Considerable Period of Time.

In the UK for example, the EFFECTIVE DATE for the New CENELEC EN50291, was DELAYED for  FIVE (5), YEARS. ! ! !

Keep in mind that NO Standard, is EVER  WRITTEN, until SOMEONE has SOMETHING to SELL.

Anytime you see the Word “CONSENSUS”, it means an Agreement as to what can be done that still GUARANTEES Continued Profitability for the Industries Involved, and/or, CREATES a Basis for Mandatory Requirements that will lead to EVEN GREATER, EXPANDING, Sales for these “Chosen” Industries.




CSA-6.19-01 and UL-2034, both Require Alarm Activation as follows:

NO Audible or Visual WARNINGS, (No Digital Displays), at 30 ppm for 30 DAYS

NO Audible or Visual WARNINGS, at

70 ppm ………  for 60 Minutes
150 ppm …….  for 10 Minutes
400 ppm …….  for  4 Minutes

70 ppm ….. anytime between 60 and 240 Minutes, (4 hours)
150 ppm … anytime between 10 and 50 Minutes
400 ppm … anytime between   4 and 15 Minutes
CSA-6.19-01 Requires BOTH, Time of Manufacture, and “Life-Time” Reliability Testing.

UL-2034   Requires NO, Time of Manufacture, or “Life-Time” Reliability Testing.

The New CENELEC EN 50291 Standard, while NOT PERFECT, it is Certainly a GIANT STEP in the RIGHT DIRECTION, at Least as far as Activation Levels and INCREASED Sensor Accuracy and Repeatability Requirements are Concerned.

If this Standard had Included the QUALITY CONTROL REQUIREMENTS, “TIME of MANUFACTURE” and “LIFE-TIME” RELIABILITY Requirements of the CSA-6.19-01 Standard, ….. I would ENDORSE it for the “WORLDWIDE”  CO  Requirements!!!

The CENELEC  EN50291 Requirements are:


30 ppm ………. for 120 Minutes
50 ppm ………. for   60 Minutes
100 ppm …….. for 10 Minutes

50 ppm ………. between 60 and 90 Minutes
100 ppm ………between 10 and 40 Minutes
300 ppm …….. WITHIN 3 Minutes
The “SPECIAL BENEFITS” ….. “PERMITTED” by this STANDARD in my Opinion are:

Digital Displays permitted at ANY Level
Immediate WARNINGS, (Immediate Detection & Response), Permitted above 300 ppm

Of  SPECIAL  IMPORTANCE is the FACT that While CSA & UL, give the Manufactures THREE HOURS Elapsed Time between 60 and 240 Minutes, at 70 ppm, to Finally go into Alarm, ….. CENELEC   Requires MUCH GREATER SENSOR ACCURACY & REPEATABILITY by giving ONLY 30 Minutes, at 50 ppm, to go into FULL ALARM (between 60 and 90 Minutes) ! ! !


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