Two questions: What is the accuracy of your Carbon Monoxide meter? +/-% from display reading Why does the CO-Experts meter read only to 70ppm, then ‘high’?

Hello George
Thanks for the material you emailed.
Two questions:
What is the accuracy of your CO meter? +/-% from display reading.  Why does the CO experts meter read only to 70ppm, then ‘high’?
If it reads high, I would be VERY interested to know how high, as this can indicate max exposure level and help troubleshoot a possible CO source.
Thanks, Paul


Dear Paul

Accuracy of Monitor is:   + / – 1 PPM under 25 PPM, over 25 PPM it is + / – 5%.

There are Several Reasons why I designed the Monitor to go to “Hi” after reaching 70 PPM.

1. “Life-Safety”, I personally consider 50 PPM to be the “Evacuation” Warning for EVERYONE, regardless of “Health” Conditions. At 70 PPM, … you have already stayed TOO LONG !

2. There is still FAR too much OLD Data “Floating Around” that still tells the Public that C O Levels of 100 t0 400 PPM are “Acceptable” for a few hours at a time. I DON’T want my Customers to be playing a Medical “Guessing Game” as to what Level ABOVE 70 PPM that THEY can Tolerate Safely.

3. The “Current” UL / CSA Standards use 70 PPM as their FIRST WARNING LEVEL, and I would consider ANY “Over-Lapping” to be Confusing the “Health” Issues, … with the “Life & Death”, … 9 … 1 … 1 … UL / CSA position.

4. If you record the Hours & Minutes Since the “Hi” Reading, the Hour & Minutes “Duration” of the “Exposure”, and the Resulting COHb, it DOES give you a Good Idea of what the “Hi” Reading would have been.

5. Anyone “Responding” to a C O Investigation, should have a Bacharach Instrument that will give you Readings up to 1,000 to 2,000 PPM of C O Present.

Thank You, for your Questions, and your Interest in C O Safety,

Best Regards, …………. George E. Kerr, President



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