The best way to sell CO-Experts alarms/monitors

The BEST WAY to SELL the C O – Experts Model 2002 Low Level C O “Health” Monitor is to make an HONEST COMPARISON to the “In-Accurate”, and “Un-dependable” C O Alarms being sold at Home Depot, Walmart. K-Mart, and many other Retail Outlets.

I believe that the GRI “Test” Data; as well as the UL RE-Testing of “Off the shelf” UL Listed products combined, are sufficient to CONVINCE almost ANYONE that these C O ALARMS provide Virtually “ZERO” Protection against Low Level Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, … and “MUCH LESS” than one would hope to have,  at the Higher Levels.

The UL “OFF the Shelf” Re-Testing revealed that 47% of the C O Alarms “Failed to Meet”, at Least one of the Performance “Tests” that they had been “Listed” as Fully Meeting ! Other Professional Testing has Revealed an even Higher Failure rate.

I believe this Data PROVES the FAILURE of the UL Policy of “one time Testing”, and the Lack of a Lifetime Reliability Testing Requirement.


Please review the GRI, and UL Re-Testing Data that I have sent to you, … and Call me if you have any further Questions.



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