“Should I take the battery out of the CO-Experts Monitor during extended periods of time when no one is around?”

Hi George

I will likely be out of town for the bulk of the summer months, and I won’t be taking the CO Experts monitor with me
Since I won’t be home, I won’t be able to test, monitor,etc..the monitor.

Is it OK to remove the battery for the time I am gone, assuming I should follow “warm up” etc. instructions that were followed during initial “start up”?

Since I won’t be needing the monitor to be active, I assume removing the battery would extend the life of the sensor??


First, are you SURE that you will NOT be Exposed to  C O wherever you are going to be ?

In fact, the “Life” of the Sensor is probably “Longer” than what we set as the “Useful Life” of 5 years; therefore, any “Savings of Sensor  Life” would not be a Major Concern. It certainly Would extend the Battery Life.

Enjoy your Summer, …………….. George

I have another question for you…

I have the monitor in my bedroom, which has windows on two walls

How far should the sensor be from open windows to work effectively?
Just make SURE that your Monitor is NOT on an “Outside” wall, not within three feet of a “Corner”… and is at Least “Head High”, or slightly higher, ….. and you will be fine.

Best Regard, ………………….. George



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