Questions and comments from a Doctor

Hi George,

I am an internist at Massachusetts General Hospital, and I would like to take advantage of your special offer to purchase the CO-Experts detector at the $100 price.

I have two reasons for wanting to try your detector — 1) we are moving into a new home with natural gas heat/range, and we have one child and another on the way, and 2) I want to be able to offer my patients an option in those cases where low-level CO may be a health issue.
I was thinking of purchasing 2 of your detectors to put in our kids’ rooms, and then place the Senco Model One in the rest of the house
(basement where the gas furnace is, kitchen where the gas range is, and the master bedroom).  Do you think that seems reasonable?

Your input is much appreciated, and let me know how I should order your detectors — they seem quite remarkable, and the only ones I have been able to find that have the sensitivity that is truly needed.
Henry MD, MS
Thank You, for your Interest in Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning. I am very pleased to be able to offer my C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor, it is by FAR, the Most Accurate, Reliable, Repeatable C O product that has ever been offered to the Residential Market.
I would like to respond to a couple of your comments on your “Intentions”.

1. First, it would help me to make the “Right” recommendation if you would give me an “Idea” of your house design. [one level, two, three, … are all bedrooms “Off the same hallway”, do you have bedrooms, or a playroom in your basement, etc. ?][ I will assume that it is one level, plus basement.]
2. Unless you or your wife smoke in your bedroom, and since you intend to purchase only two Low Level Monitors, I would suggest that you put one of them IN YOUR bedroom, and the other one in the youngest child’s room. It has been WELL KNOWN for years, that children are NOT likely to be “Disturbed, or Awaken”, by an Alarm activation. Also, most parents usually leave the bedroom doors open when their children are young; therefore, the circulation of the AIR, and thereby the C O, is more likely to be evenly distributed throughout the house.
3.Unless you already OWN the Senco one, I can not recommend that you purchase that product. [see “forwarded” message that follows]  All indications are that they are virtually “out of business”, after being “De-Listed” in January, 2003.
When you or your wife have time, I suggest that you continue to refer to my Website and Dr. Penney’s Website
Best Regards,
George E. Kerr, President
Hi George,
I received your sensors just the other day.  They look great. One question: just to confirm that when the monitor is working normally that the LCD is completely blank? Is this just to save battery power? Just wondering why you did not want to show a constant PPM readout regardless of the value, even if it just showed 0 PPM most of the time.

I don’t know John Spengler personally but have heard his name. I think he is over at the Harvard School of Public Health — a terrific institution.  Every year some of the fellows in my lab take the HSPH summer course on epidemiology and study design.

Again, thanks for all of your help, and I feel safe knowing that your monitors will be watching out for us in our new home. Just FYI, it may not be in your area, but I also found that it was difficult to obtain a good natural gas detector.
Ultimately I ended up with a Macurco detector that will get wired into my security system.




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