Questions about testing CO Alarms / Monitors

Dear George,

While browsing the latest Professional Equipment catalog, I saw this new product for testing CO Detectors called the CO Check, by a company called Home Safeguard Industries, Inc.

Have you heard anything about this product and the method it uses to check CO Detectors?



Yes Indeed.

The “Product Development” on this product was done by a Very Nice Fellow, named Jim Wantz, out of Mesa, AZ.

He contacted me back in the Summer of 2000, and ask me for help in getting the “Product Testing Program” set-up, and in finding a “Source” on “C O Test Gas”, and in “Selecting” an “Industrial Type” C O Meter to use as his “Reference Monitor”.

I explained to him that because of the “Time Lapse” Requirements Required by the UL-2034 Standard, that his ONLY Logical “Test” would have to be at the “400 ppm, [or more], within 15 Minute Requirement”.

Therefore, this “Tester”, like the Versions offered by S-Tech, American Sensors, Nighthawk, etc., simply tell you that the “Sensor” in your C O Alarm is not Completely DEAD. ….. It in NO WAY verifies “ACCURACY of Calibration”.

All of these “Testers” produce really Excessive Levels of C O, in order to compensate for “Leakage” of the “Test Bags” or Containers. One “Test” that Jim Mackie and I did on the American Sensor “2 Capsules in a Plastic Bag”, Tester System produced over 2,000 ppm of C O.

Better than NOTHING, … yes, ….. a LITTLE.

Best Regards, ……………….. George



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