Question on frequent testing of monitor

Dear Mr. Kerr

How often would you advise I perform a “test” on my CO Monitor?

I am not getting any reading, which is good, but out of curiosity, I would like to see what the recorded (memory) peak level is/was.

Is it advisable to perform only the “test” (brief button pressing/first series of beeps only), without clearing the data (second series of beeps) for the sake of battery life?  [assuming there has not been any dramatic “peak” recorded (in which case I assume  that a full “clearing” of data should be performed)].

I do not want to overdo the testing (battery life issues), so I was hoping for some sort of recommendation,

Thank You so much for your product!




Thank You for your question.
The “Estimated” One Year “Lifetime” of the Duracell #1604 battery is based on a Customer doing a “Full Test” once a week.
The amount of “Power Drain Reduction” that you would achieve by NOT “Clearing” your Monitor would not be significant and certainly would NOT compensate for the “Assurance” of knowing that you are receiving “Current / Updated” Readings, in my opinion.

If you find that your repeated “Testing” does lead to frequent battery replacement, I recommend that you “Invest In” a Long Life Lithium, [Ultralife], Battery, that would probably last the entire 5 year “Life” of your Monitor.

As you have probably noticed, the “Data Recall Sequence” is “Displayed Fully”, each time, ….. even if you don’t “Clear” the “Memory” in your Monitor. [Except for the “Clr”, and the “Single Chirp”, at the end of the “Recall” sequence.]

Frankly, if your Monitor is NOT “Beeping”, and Indicating a C  O Reading of 10, or more, you really don’t NEED to test it more often than once a week.

HAPPY   HOLIDAYS, …………… George



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