Question from a pilot

Mr. Kerr, I have noticed that your New Model 2004 no longer updates the digital display reading every 10 seconds, why did you make this change ?
Also, what is the reason for the first display of the C  O being changed from 5 PPM to 10 PPM ?

Thank You for your question.

I received Many, Many calls on the Model 2002 because of the frequent changing of the Display from “Blank” to 5 or 6, etc., then Blank, … sometimes … SEVERAL Times a minute, creating consumer confusion and many questions.  This condition usually ocurred because of varying “Outdoor” C  O present, and the transceint nature of ambient C  O.
Also, since our Initial “Consumer Reaction” Level was/is at 10 PPM, it really made more sense to move the Initial Display to that Level.

In the Model 2004, the Monitor “Actually takes a “READING” every THREE SECONDS, 20 TIMES a MINUTE, then it AVERAGES those and CHANGES the DISPLAY ONCE A MINUTE reflecting that average Reading. Resulting in a TRUER Reading of the “Content” in the Air, … NOT just a “Wisp” in the Air for a Second.

Both of these changes will also extend battery life.




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