Question about what to do when Monitor beeps once a minute and displays “ERR”

George,Last year my Monitor was Beeping and displaying “bAT”, and after I replaced the battery, it worked fine until yesterday when it started “Beeping” once a minute, and the display says”ERR”, I assume that this means that there is a problem, do I send it back to you, or will changing the battery fix it again ?
Yes, any time my Monitor is indicating an “ERR” message, it should be returned to me for repair / replacement.

My monitor is THE MOST FULLY SELF-MONITORED C O Detection product ever made.
Designed to MAKE SURE that a “Defective” unit is not hanging ‘Silently” on the wall or ceiling, as another C O Death occurs.
Sales to date have  resulted in less than .6 % returns.  Considering that the UL- 2034 C O Standard states in 74A.1 “Required in-service reliability, [74A.1.1 “Supervised Failures shall not exceed 23% at a 90% confidence level”, ….. and in Item number 74A.1.2 states that “UNsupervised Failures shall not exceed 14.6 percent at a 90% confidence level”.

I believe that my Monitor offers Outstanding Quality Performance. Having a product TELL YOU, when a Battery needs to be replaced, or when an “Electric Error”, or Sensor Drift of 10% has occurred, ….. is a Super “Life-Safety” feature, ….. NOT a Negative. [As well as having the product give you an Audible & Visual “Notification” when it is time to  be “Replaced”.]

The “Need” for battery replacement can be Virtually Eliminated by installing a “Lithium Battery”, … often referred to as “the TEN Year” battery. This type of battery should last throughout the entire Five Year Life of my monitor.

Best Regards,
George E. Kerr, President



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CO Experts
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Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377