Question about UL approval


How do I answer when a potential Customers ask the question: “Why don’t you recommend UL Listed CO Alarms?”

Sincerely, Victor


Dear Victor,

Immediately get your hands on a Copy of the July, 2003, Issue of “Environmental Building News”.

On pages 10 and 11 of this Issue, is an Article on Carbon Monoxide Alarms which deals DIRECTLY with the Total Weakness in UL-2034, and the Totally Inferior CO Alarms made for the Retail / Consumer Market in North America.

This article, in a Brief, but a Clear and Easy to Understand Way, … points out that the Years of Testing, Study, and Review that has been done in the name of Greater Consumer Safety by GRI, Paul Clifford, Jim Mackie, Yours Truly, and Many others, … has been TOTALLY IGNORED by UL, in order for them to CONTINUE to PROTECT their VESTED INTEREST in the Manufacturers of MASS MARKET, Walmart / Home Depot, type CO Alarms and Smoke Detectors.  They simply REFUSE to DEMAND “Time of Manufacture”, and “Lifetime” RELIABILITY TESTING.  These Testing Procedures are still needed, even after they have “Dumbed Down” the Standard for them in the first place (Like the “Rolling Back” of the 70 ppm “Test” from “Between 60 & 189 minutes, … to Between 60 & 240 minutes), after the REPEATED FAILURES of some of their “Pet” Manufacturers to meet the 189 Minute Requirement.  (In fact, to my knowledge only the S-Tech and SF Detection had already passed at the 189 Minute Test, prior to the “Requirement Change”).

Even that is a “JUNK” Requirement.  Consider the New EU, CENELEC Standard EN 50291, that REQUIRES Alarm Activation at 50 ppm (not 70), Between 60 & 90 minutes …. Not 60 & 240 !!!




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CO Experts
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