Question about the difference between the 2002, 2004 and 1070 models




Eric at AeroMedix gave me your e-mail address when he couldn’t answer several of my questions about the 1070:

1.  I understand the monitor can detect concentrations of CO as low as 5 ppm.  Is there a way to display readings below 10 ppm?  The information I could glean on the web indicted that the monitor would only display at  >10 ppm.

I had a model 2002 and I believe it could read as low as 4 ppm if I recall correctly.


The Sensor and Micro-controller in my Monitor has Resolution of 1 PPM and the FULL Range of 1 to 70PPM “COULD” be displayed if I wanted it to do so.

The Model 2002 DISPLAYED C O Readings Being Detected from 5 PPM to 70PPM in Normal Operation, and from 1 to 70PPM on “Recall”.

The “Constant” displaying of 5 _ 6 _ 7 _ 8 & 9 PPM generated THOUSANDS of unnecessary phone calls to my Contractors in Cities where the OUTDOOR Ambient C O present frequently EXCEEDS 5 PPM, even though the back label & the Owner’s Manual CLEARLY state that NO ACTION is required until the C O Reading reaches 10PPM.

The Model 1070 will NOT DISPLAY BELOW 10PPM ….. ANYTIME, …..  Constant or on RECALL.


2.  Are the features on the 1070 different than the 2002? (i.e. display functionality, ability to read low levels of CO, sensor duration)


The Model 2002 and 2004 just “Updated the Display Readings and the Audible Warning Levels once a MINUTE; the Model 1070 “Updates” every 10 SECONDS.

On Recall both the Models 2002 & 2004 Displayed the Elapsed Time was displayed in HOURS and MINUTES. In the Model 1070 it is Displayed in DAYS, HOURS & Minutes.

If DATA is not “CLEARED” by the Owner, on the Models 2002 & 2004 “RETAINED” the recorded INFO for 89 days, the Model 1070 will retain the Readings 2 YEARS and 8 Months if not CLEARED.


3.  I understand there is a model 2010 in the wings.  What will the differences be, other than form factor, from the 1070?  Will it be at the same price point?


The current price will remain the same.

The INITIAL Audible & Visual Warnings will Start at 7 PPM, ….. and will be updated every 5 SECONDS. Coupled with an “Attention Getting” 4 Beeps at the lowest PPM Warning level, instead of the previous TWO Beeps once a minute, GREATLY IMPROVES its Value as an “Very Early Warning” Smoldering Fire detector in your HOME.

The Model 2010 will be Made in America, ….. by Americans.

No more 6 Months “Lead Time” on my Orders.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

Barry S



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CO Experts
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