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George —

My CO-Experts monitor is acting up. On Thursday (Sept.18), it began to beep at approximately one-minute intervals according to my wife (unfortunately I was in Atlanta for CDC at the time). I know, this case does sound a bit like the time you were away and I think your wife ended up using your errant AIM  SAFETY detector for rifle practice. When my wife pressed the Test/Reset button, the monitor LCD indicated no CO level and ended with “bat”. Now that I am home, the LCD shows nothing and there is no indication of power either. Thus, I interpret all of this as battery failure. Is this correct? I’ve had this monitor only since Dec.22, 2002, could the battery be gone already?

Anyway, what do I do next? Can I replace the battery here?

Thanks, I hope all is going well with you.

Best regards — Stephen

If your Monitor was Repeatedly “Tested”, both at the factory, and here in my operation, it is possible. Normally, the battery will last 12 to 14 Months depending on the number of times that it is put through the “Test” Sequence. Each “Test” Procedure takes about 45 Seconds to Complete, and coupled with the two series of “Chirps”, amounts to considerable “Power Draw” on the battery.
If you replace it with a more expensive “Lithium” Battery, … it will probably last 4 or 5 Years.
Otherwise, I suggest that you use another Duracell 1604, and it should be Okay for another 12 to 14 Months.

When the “Display” says: “bAT”, it IS a Low Battery, if it is an “Electronic Failure, the Display will show “ERR”, and if the Sensor Fails, or at the “END of LIFE” of the Monitor, the Display will show “Sensor END”. In each case, the Monitor will “Chirp” once a minute.
THANK YOU, for your Question, and I wish you the VERY BEST Success, in your New Endeavors.




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