Is it normal to have a ‘High’ CO reading when battery is first installed in a new monitor?


The CO detector arrived safely. I just set it up today – we’ve been rather busy this past week. It must have picked up some serious CO during shipping since it pegged high on startup.

Now it’s sitting on zero.

If this thing is as good as I hear, I can see us selling one with each boiler replacement.
Thanks again,
Subject: Re: Thanks

It is THE  BEST  EVER  MADE,  ….. 100% “Fail-Safe” Monitored, ….. in fact, Monitored “Far” more Closely than is probably really …. “Necessary”.

All Monitors pick up a LOT of C O during “Transport”, especially on UPS
type trucks.

The “Normal” “Warm-Up”, … period, [as described on the Website],  of 60 minutes, permits Complete “Cleaning-Out” of the accumulated CO, plus Sensor Re-calibration verification.

Regards, ……………… George



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