Important considerations regarding our Nations CO Problems

George –

If SGA was to do a CO Seminar again in 2004, what would you see as the hot topics that need to be included?

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Thank You for asking me to comment on the “Important
Considerations”, regarding our Nation’s C  O problems in 2004.
In my opinion the “Problems” are:

1. Continuing Poor Performance of UL Listed C  O Alarms.
a. No “Time of Manufacture” testing required.
b. No “Lifetime Reliability” testing requirements.
c. NO “Digital Display Accuracy” Requirements.

2. Consumers are “Ignoring” their C  O Alarm activation’s, failing to “Call Anyone”.

a. We NEED to encourage the CONSUMER to sign up for a HVAC Service Contract, to insure Annual Inspections, and to have a “TRAINED” HVAC Contractor to “Investigate” each & every C  O alarm activation.

3. Point out to your Customers the “Disclaimers” put on all
UL / CSA Listed C  O Alarms regarding the Total Lack of protection from Chronic Low Level C  O Poisoning so badly NEEDED by:

1. The Pregnant
2. Infants & Young Children
3. The Elderly
4. Those with “Medical Conditions”; such as:
a. Asthma
b.Bronchitis, Emphysema, or any other Respiratory Problem
c. Heart Disease or Anemia

As you can see, a Large Percentage of YOUR CUSTOMERS.

Best Regards,
George E. Kerr, President
C  O – Experts



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