IAS-696 Standards Question

Mr. Kerr,

Just a note FYI.  A recent publication by the Alaska Housing Finance Corporation mentioned “recent tests” indicating poor reliability of CO alarms.  (No details given.)

It went on to suggest that consumers look for CO alarms that were labeled IAS-696 and have a blue star logo.

I had never heard of this label.

The article recommended Kiddie Nighthawk and Patrick Plastics S-Tech.


C. Z.


Dear C. Z.,

Like MANY things that you see “Printed’, this INFO is YEARS BEHIND the
“TRUTH & the TIMES”.

I will also “Mail” you some of my Promotional “Stuff”, on IAS, and CSA “Blue Star / Blue Label” Listings.

First, I should point out that IAS, [International Approval Services], was formed by the “Merger” of the “Test Labs” of AGA, [American Gas Assoc.] and CSA, [Canadian Gas Assoc.], thereby forming a New Corporation for Lab Testing and Standards Writing and Enforcement Compliance.

While I was VP at AIM SAFETY, I was on the Original AGA / CSA Team that “Wrote” I.A.S-696 ….. in 1995-96. The FIRST VERSION of I.A.S.-696 WAS the BEST C O Requirement EVER WRITTEN. It was so good in fact that only ONE C O Alarm was EVER Approved to it, the AIM 696, which was given that Model Number  simply BECAUSE it was the First CO Alarm to be “Approved” to that TOUGH Standard.

Because this First Version could NOT be met by any other Manufacturer, IAS backed off of the TWO TOUGHEST Requirements:

1. Every Alarm point of the Samples Tested, had to activate within 1 1/4 % of Initial COHb at Alarm Activation Level, ….. at WHATEVER point between 5% & 10% COHb that the Manufacturer had selected.

2. Digital Displays, if used, were to be “Accurate” within 10% of the actual  CO Present.

Both of these “Requirements” were later DELETED to Permit other Manufacturers to be able to seek Approvals.

Neither Requirement is Presently in ANY CO Alarm Requirement in the World today.

Any IAS Labeled CO Alarm on the Market Today, is NOT a “NEW” unit, nor was it “Listed” to the 1st Version of IAS.

Regards, ………………… George



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