How do we decide how many monitors are needed in a large home?

Mr. Kerr:
Several times this year I have been asked “How many units do I need?” and “Where should the units be located?” For most of our customers with average homes these questions are easily answered. However, we have many customers who live in extremely large custom homes which are built with mechanical rooms and commercial type ductwork. Should we base the number of units on square footage or by occupant necessity?
Thank You
Thank You, for your question.

With regard to the “Location & Number” of Detectors / Alarms required, regardless of the “Type” of detector in discussion, the MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember, ALWAYS, is that ….. NO Detector / Alarm / Monitor in the World, mine, or anyone else’s, will go into an Alarm Mode, ….. until whatever it is DESIGNED to Detect, ….. gets into the Detector. A Detector in the opposite  END of a house / building, CAN NOT provide an “Early Warning” of an impending Danger nearly as quickly as if it were located
CLOSER to the SOURCE of the potential DANGER.

In the case of Fire / Smoke Detection, because of the potential being “Trapped”, or of becoming a Victim of “Flash-Over”, ….. EVERY SECOND COUNTS, and I Strongly recommend a Smoke Detector in EVERY ROOM.

Fortunately, in the case of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning, MOST C  O Poisoning Cases are a result of many HOURS, or Many DAYS, of being Exposed to “Increasing” levels of C  O. The standard “Retail Type”, UL / CSA Listed C  O Alarm is designed to tell the Consumer when it is “Time to Call” 911, for a “RIDE to the Hospital”, ….. the C  O – Experts Low Level C  O “Health” Monitor is designed to WARN the Consumer when it is “TIME” to call your HVAC Contractor to CORRECT their Potentially Fatal Problem.

Therefore, Proper Placement of my C  O Monitor is based more on: “The Possible PRESENCE of People”, ….. NOT on physical “Design of the Structure”. In order of “Importance” in my opinion are:
1. Where You Sleep. [In, or very close, to each Bedroom Area.]
2. Any Area where you “Spend a LOT of TIME”.
3. For “Earlier Detection”, …..  within 10 to 15 feet of all possible C  O producing equipment, [or “Re-entry” Locations, such as a Chimney, attached garage, etc.].
4. In the case of C  O, the Sq. Footage, is far less Important than the “FREE, or FORCED”, movement of the AIR within the Structure.

Always “ERR” on the “Side of Safety”, if in Doubt, install / recommend, another Monitor ! ! !

Regards, ……………….. George



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