CO protection from forklift/truck exhaust in a warehouse

Mr. Kerr:
I need to purchase a CO monitor to be used in a 10,000 square foot warehouse. I am considering CO Experts Model 2004. Does this monitor meet all UL and OSHA requirements for industrial use?

Given the size of our warehouse, would one monitor be sufficient?

Thank you in advance for your help.



No, my C  O – Experts is NOT UL-Listed, it Displays Lower Levels of CO than is “Permitted” under the UL Standard.
It Exceeds the OSHA “Requirements”; however, since there is no requirement for “OSHA” Level “In Place” CO Detection that I am aware of to date, I have not considered the large investment required to get such an Approval, or Listing. The OSHA is a TWA, [Time Weighted Average}, 50 PPM over an eight hour period. I Personally believe that such an exposure is Excessive, except perhaps for the Very Healthiest people.

I would have to know a LOT more about the “Layout” of the building, the number of rooms / partitions, the number and location of the potential CO Producing Equipment / Appliances, the number & location of exhaust fans, and if they are “C  O Activated”, or continuous fans, and if they are CO Activated, the PPM Level at which they turn on the fans, the number of employees and the physical location of their “Normal” work stations, if trucks, cars, or propane lift trucks are in the building, etc.

I am sorry that there is NO simple answer to your question, Regards,
George E. Kerr, President
CO – Experts


Mr. Kerr:

Thank you for your response.  The warehouse building consists of one large room ca. 10,000 sq. ft. with the exception of a small office ca. 240 sq. ft. and two small restrooms all located within the warehouse.  There are employees working within the warehouse packaging and shipping material.

There is a large garage door located on the west side of the warehouse where trucks are  loaded for shipment. We do use a propane forklift in the building while moving stock for loading and shipping. This is located primarily in the north west end of the warehouse.  Entry into the building is through a door on the side of the building. There is no ventilation system other than two forced air heaters used in the winter time.

During the summer large 5 ft. diameter fans are used to move air through the building.

Employee work stations are located towards the north end of the building.  Employees circulate throughout the building to gather components for shipping and then return their workstations to prepare items for shipment.

My thought was to place two CO monitors in building, one located towards the north end of the building where the employees typically work and another in the rear of the building near the heaters.

I would appreciate any recommendations you may have.




The Propane Forklift is a REAL Problem, as can be the Trucks.

Number One, I would encourage you to install two Exhaust Fans, either “Continuous” or C  O Activated.

Then the Installation of two C  O Monitors should Complete your CO Safe Work Environment.

Best Regards,
George E. Kerr, President
CO – Experts



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