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Question about the difference between the 2002, 2004 and 1070 models

Note from an HVAC Engineer

Questions from an HVAC Trainer

Carbon Monoxide Electrochemical Sensors

CO protection from forklift/truck exhaust in a warehouse

Important considerations regarding our Nations CO Problems

Question about the delay / response time for the CO-Experts Low Level Monitor

How do we decide how many monitors are needed in a large home?

Question about what to do when Monitor beeps once a minute and displays “ERR”

Could the CO-Experts Low Level Monitor be too sensitive?

Testimonial for a CO-Experts Monitor in an all electric home

Questions about the CO-Experts display

Extracts from thread on Carbon Monoxide monitors from IAQ YAHOO GROUPS

Subject: Re: issue of combining the Monitor with UL alarms in same home

Two questions:

What is the accuracy of your Carbon Monoxide meter? +/-% from display reading

Why does the CO-Experts meter read only to 70ppm, then ‘high’?

A question about Carbon Monoxide alarms/monitors for marine use.

What are the mistakes made in smoke detection ordinances, codes, and standards?

The best way to sell CO-Experts alarms/monitors

CO-Experts  Protection That Never Sleeps

Is it normal to have a ‘High’ CO reading when battery is first installed in a new monitor?

Why does everyone “Point to Gas” as a CO Problem, and say Nothing about Oil Heating and CO?

Questions and comments regarding CO in scuba diving and fire department/rescue air tanks

Questions and comments from a Marine Surveyor

Questions and comments from a Doctor

Question about battery life

Questions regarding a competitor’s product

Question about UL approval

CE / EN Approval question

Questions about testing CO Alarms / Monitors

IAS-696 Standards Question

Question on frequent testing of monitor

“Should I take the battery out of the CO-Experts Monitor during extended periods of time when no one is around?”

Another example of UL 2034 approved monitors and cross sensitivity

Question from a pilot

Alarm operating temperatures


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