All Owner’s Manuals

Every C O Monitor I made from 2000 to 2010 looked exactly like the one pictured in your attachment.

There is supposed to be a “Date of Manufacture” small square sticker on the bottom right of the rear label.
If you will tell me that date, I can tell you if it is a Model 2002, 2004, or a model 1070.

The “Limited Warranty” on all three should be on page five, [5], and states on all three that the warranty was twelve months, one year.

Many thousands of your customers have discovered, the “Actual Useful Life” on all my C O monitors, if properly cared for, is five, [5], years or more.

“On-Line” Instruction manual for the 2002 Model CO-Experts Low Level Monitor

2004 version of the CO-Experts Brochure

Instruction Manual for the New 1070 Model New Model 2015, This warranty is valid only if the monitor was purchased directly from a licensed contractor or a registered agent of C O Experts.