Johnson County, KS

Johnson County AWARDED: Community Guardian – Carbon Monoxide Safety Award

These award winning CO safety education programs include exam preparation instruction, hands on personal CO detection instruction and the provision of low level CO monitors or detectors to each participant. Other CO safety activities collectively noted include public instruction, device calibration support, donations of low level CO detectors and support to fire departments, public health departments, home health nurses and others within their community, as they keep expanding the number of those trained and actively measuring air they work and live in for carbon monoxide for the safety of the citizens they serve.

Carbon Monoxide Safety Association
Raising awareness through education and measurement Call – 877-546-3726


Recipient Information
Community Guardian – Carbon Monoxide Safety
Johnson County, Kansas
Johnson County Contractor Licensing Program mission is to protect the public welfare by establishing and maintaining minimum standards for licensing contractors and by providing quality continuing education to enhance contractor knowledge of building code.


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