The lady below had a C O – Experts C O Monitor made in 2006 that had reached its “Sensor End” Warning and had called to see where she could obtain a new Low Level C O “Heath” Monitor.
Your order has been cancelled as requested; however, I feel compelled to send you the following and ask you to forward it to your SON, because I am afraid he, like 99% of the people I have met with ADT and other Security Alarm Companies, KNOW virtually NOTHING about Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning. In fact in the last ten years, only Keith Fisher and his Team at KEYTH Technologies, Inc. of Highland Park, IL really seem to understand the Serious Health hazards associated with Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning in ALL HOMES, rich or poor, large or small.


A D T _ A LESSON every Contractor should Learn to avoid a similar EXPENSIVE FATE
The fact that ADT, our Nation’s Largest Home Security Alarm Company, after losing several large Multi- Million Dollar Liability Lawsuits based of the failure of their UL Listed C O Alarms they were installing in their Systems to WARN of the Chronic Lower Levels of C O Poisoning resulting in serious, harmful handicapping effects on the Fetus, REWORDED their National Advertising Ad on TV and Radio to now say that their Home Security Systems “Protects you and your family from HIGH LEVELS of Carbon Monoxide.” [NOTE: “HIGH” NOT DEFINED IN PPM]


***** NOTE #1:
The UCLA Medical Center, ASHRAE, EPA and Health Canada all agree that ALL AIR, Indoor or Outdoor, containing over 10 PPM C O is UNSAFE AIR and can create Oxidative Stress within the Bodies and Brains of those being exposed. As a result even small increases in COHb can lead to serious increases in pain and suffering; as well as Lifelong disabilities. [the Fetus, Infants, Young Children, the Elderly and the Seriously ILL are affected MOST QUICKLY and SEVERALLY.]


Every minute in the USA we have 3.5 Million Totally Helpless Unborn Children and according to the 2010 National Census, another 20, 201,362 infants and young children under the age of five years old, and all of these helpless babies, every single one, rich or poor, black or white, Christian, Jewish or other, are also 7 – 24 – 365 at the MERCY OF C O Poisoning.


While I honestly believe that virtually ALL of the Code Writers were either uninformed or misinformed … or both, about the specific Health Safety limitations of the proposed was being Jammed down their throats.
Much worse in my opinion, the alarm manufacturers KNOW THE C O DANGERS LURKING, [AND EVEN PUT “LIABILITY DISCLAIMERS” IN THEIR OWNER’S MANUALS], and still do not seem to care about anything except their “almighty dollars.” !


A Kidde-Nighthawk Model #KN-COPP-3 says:
 “Pregnant women, infants, children, senior citizens, persons with heart or respiratory problems and smokers may experience symptoms at lower levels of exposure than noted. Individuals with medical problems may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for carbon monoxide concentrations under 30ppm.”


PRO-TECH and their parent company S-Tech, ; as well as First Alert and other UL-2034 Listed C O alarm manufacturers HIDE BEHIND Deceptive Liability Disclaimers such as: “Individuals with medical problems may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for carbon monoxide concentrations under 30ppm.
I “Assume” they believe that EVERYONE KNOWS that being: Pregnant, or being a FETUS, or an INFANT, or a CHILD, or a Senior Citizen “is a MEDICAL CONDITION”.


***** NOTE #2:
1. A Direct Quote from the Kidde UL 2034 Listed C O alarm Owner’s Manual Section titled “Important Warnings”: “This alarm has not been investigated for carbon monoxide detection below 70 PPM.


2. AT 70 PPM the audible Warning MUST NOT SOUND UNTIL AFTER 60 Minutes, and it could be as long as 239 minutes as per UL 2034.


3. Listed C O Alarms MUST NEVER alarm at 30 PPM within 30 DAYS. In FACT they are never tested at 30PPM, … NEVER.


“If YOU don’t TEST, … you don’t KNOW.”
If the Code Writers in your State had been fully and honestly TOLD how many millions of our Citizens are NOT being properly protected by UL 2034 Listed C O alarms and had been permitted to hear a Presentation, [during the SAME C O discussion Meeting], from Emergency Medical Professionals from our Hyperbaric Medical Centers revealing the serious, often lifelong medical disabilities / handicaps resulting from Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning; however, NONE were invited or permitted to Speak.
I do not believe a single person would have voted for an inferior UL 2034 Listed ONLY … C O alarm Requirement.
C O alarm Laws / Requirements need to Protect EVERYONE in the home, NOT just “Young Healthy Adults” as UL 2034 says it is designed to do.


The very “Professionally Done” Promo Film, [ Titled: “Carbon Monoxide Alarm Considerations for Code Authorities Alarm overview”] that UL, Inc. shows to all of the Fire Chiefs, State Officials and Code Writers never says one single word about the FACT that UL 2034 REQUIRING NO, NONE, ZERO C O audible alarm activations below 70PPM, plus or minus 5PPM.


The UL, Inc. way around defining their lack of testing below 70PPM is by saying: “Our Levels of testing are designed to eliminate excessive false alarms due to “PROPERLY OPERATING HEATING APPLIANCES” and “PASSING” Traffic.


OH REALLY,… 64 PPM of C O in a home from a “Properly Functioning Heating Appliance” ?
I should add that according to then Hazmat Chief, John Eversole, in December, 2004 during the “Chicago Disaster” of THOUSANDS of C O false alarms within 48 hours, the HIGHEST EPA C O Reading Recorded on the streets in Chicago was 19PPM.
Be SAFE, Be SURE, Be Protected by C O – Experts with Low Level C O “Health” Warnings at: 7, 10, 25, 35 50 and High in “REAL TIME”, No delays.


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