If they LIE to their Attorney…. WHAT CAN YOU BELIEVE??


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June 3, 2010

CO Experts

19299 Katrina Lane

Eldridge, MO 65463-9102 U.S.A.

Dear Mr. Kerr

RE:      Patrick Plastics Inc.

Pro-Tech/ S-Tech CO Alarms


Thank you for your letter of May 16, 2010.  I would first like to point out that Mr. Don Smith is not a party to our complaint against CO Experts and your associates.  The Pro-Tech and S-Tech brands are trademarks of Patrick Plastics Inc., not Don Smith or the company that he works for.  Should you have any complaints against Mr Smith kindly address them to him directly.

Your letter has ignored the UL 2034 specification which reads “A carbon monoxide alarm shall operate (alarm) at or below the test points” (i.e. 70 +/-5 ppm, 60-240 minutes).

To confirm, the UL 2034 standard specifies that Listed CO alarms must alarm at or below 70 ppm, not at or above, and does permit Listed CO alarms to activate an alarm signal at 34 ppm in 60 minutes,  34 ppm being outside the 30 day false alarm limitation).  As a voting member of the UL 2034 committee you should be aware of these specifications.

Patrick Plastics Inc., and its associates expect you and your associates to immediately cease misrepresenting the UL 2034 standard as it pertains to Patrick Plastics Inc. and all its and/or Pro-Tech CO Alarms cannot alarm below 70ppm.

With respect to Bob Dwyer and Rudy Leatherman, if they are involved with Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL0, and have tested the S-Tech or Pro-Tech CO Alarms according to UL 2034 criteria, my client would appreciate receiving a copy of their test reports.

Yours very truly,




   [ The following are excerpts from long detailed responses I sent to PPI / PRO-TECH attorney. ]

Dear Fred:

You can try to separate your  your actions in this matter away from Don Smith as much as you want to; however, all of the people at the booths near mine at the ACI Exhibit in Kansas City, MO, a little over a year ago; as well as some of the other attendees that happened to be in the immediate area remember well the Yelling & Raving that Don Smith was doing at my booth, screaming that I was “NOT ALLOWED” to TEST or Compare UL-Listed C O alarms to my Monitor and that “HE WOULD SEE TO IT THAT I WAS CUT OFF at PPI, so that they would NOT MAKE products for me in the future”. SURE ENOUGH, in less than a month I received a NOTICE from Linda Young, General Manager, of PPI, advising me that I did not sell enough volume for PPI to continue to compete with PRO-Tech / S-Tech products.

To my knowledge, NO ONE from PPI has attended any of the Conferences in years, EXCEPT Don Smith, so any & all rumors or comments about what was, or was not being said by ANYONE at these Events, had to come from Don Smith.

Don Smith’s #1 LIE, is that an Audible alarm,  is PERMITTED by an UL-2034 Listed C O alarm after a C O exposure of  34ppm for 60 minutes.

This is GROSSLY UNTRUE and, ….. is simply another one of Don Smith’s MANY “PIPE DREAMS”.

The TRUTH is clearly stated  in the UL-2034 Standard.

39.1.2 A carbon monoxide alarm shall not operate (alarm signal) below the test points specified in Part B of Table 39.1,

B. False alarm – carbon monoxide concentration resistance specifications Concentration, ppm EXPOSURE TIME,

(no alarm]

70 ±5 60 minutes

30 ±3 30 days         



Another LIE, is a C O alarm activation test at 34 to 69 PPM. I have NEVER HEARD a single person, in all of the years since the FIRST Edition of UL-2034 was published on April 30, 1992, EVER, not even ONC, mention a C O “Test Level” of 34 to 69ppm EXCEPT Don Smith.

All of the C O – Experts that I have ever meet would laugh at the IDEA that any level of alarm activation based on an acceptable “Span / Tolerance of 35 PPM, as 34 to 69 would involve, would PROVE NOTHING concerning product accuracy. Activation tolerances permitted in UL-2034 are plus or minus 3 PPM, or 5 PPM, ….. NOT a ridiculous 35 PPM.

Most certainly, George Kerr, Bob Dwyer or Rudy Leatherman would never make such a truly stupid statement as to call such an extreme tolerance / wide span over 30 days, a “TEST”.

Both Bob Dwyer, COSA and Rudy Leatherman, C O Trainer, have ACTUALLY TESTED hundreds of UL-2034 C O alarms with Certified C O Test Gas, and as did the U.S.,CPSC and yours truly. We all found the performance of some of these C O alarms to be an utter DISGRACE for a “So Called” Life-Safety product.

My suggestion to everyone is to believe ONLY  what is printed in the products Owner’s Manual.  




CO Experts

19299 Katrina Lane; Eldridge Missouri 65463-9102

Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377

CO Experts
19299 Katrina Lane – Eldridge Missouri 65463-9102
Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377