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At this time, I am Recommending the use of the following Equipment / Instruments, for Indoor Air Quality Investigations / Diagnostics; Bacharach, Inc.

Regardless of the “Brand Name” of the Equipment that you choose to use, I urge you to Purchase YOUR OWN CALIBRATION EQUIPMENT, … LEARN HOW to CALIBRATE your Instruments, … and VERIFY the Calibration of your Equipment AT LEAST, ONCE A MONTH.

I have had many inquiries concerning a “GOOD” “RED TAG” for use when Turning off Equipment until it is Properly Serviced, and / or Replaced. I recommend that you contact: Inland Northwest HVAC Assoc. at: 1-800-786-3148.

If PROPERLY Completed, this is a Simple, Easy to Understand, “Liability” SAFE form of “Insurance”, for you and your Company.


George Kerr



Bob Dwyer




242 Forrest Drive


Kalispell, Montana   59901




Bob Dwyer has facilitated the Carbon Monoxide & Combustion Safety Seminar to thousands of people all over North America, helping bring service & experience to hundreds of communities. Scheduling Bob’s program a year in advance testifies to the popularity of this seminar.


Bob’s instructional background includes building construction; state, federal and public utility energy programs; combustion and environmental testing; HVAC associations; public education and community response coordination. He chaired the Combustion Safety Training Committee in Montana, promoted by the Public Utility Commission, 1991 through 1994



Rudy Leatherman




Rudy Leatherman incorporated combustion testing as a part of his private residential/commercial HVAC company in 1980. For over 13 years he worked with the Energy Office where he was responsible for combustion testing, evaluating, installing and troubleshooting a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential HVAC systems. His involvement also included educational development and training for thousands of utility company personnel, mechanical contractors, code officials, home inspectors, energy auditors, maintenance technicians, plant/boiler technicians, fire departments, and others. Rudy also worked for a combustion analyzer manufacturer conducting residential/commercial/industrial combustion testing training. He presently works for the Corporation for Ohio Appalachian Development Training Center providing HVAC training for contractors, weatherization inspectors and technicians



Jim Mackie, President


Fuels Safety Consultants, Inc.


9 Birch Place


Cardiff, Ontario


Canada K0L 1M0


Tel: 613-339-1706


Fax: 613-339-1715


E-mail: jmac@northcom.com


Jim Mackie, is a Dedicated “Life-Safety” Professional. It was a “Review” of one of Jim’s C O Detector / Alarm “Test Programs” that first brought to my attention an OBVIOUS SENSOR PROBLEM with the “NEW” Models of the Kidde-Nighthawk C O Alarms that had just hit the Marketplace in October, 1998. After the “Red Flags” were raised by this first review, Jim did additional Concentrated Testing on these New Models, which Revealed a 100% Failure Rate. We then had Additional “Testing done on by Test Labs in B.C.,Canada, and Calif., … before taking our Data to the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to PUSH for the Immediate Recall of these Seriously Defective C O Alarms.


Jim’s Dedication to Excellence Undoubtedly SAVED THOUSANDS of LIVES ! ! !


Jim Mackie, is also an Experts on Combustible Gases, Storage, and Handling, and provides “Field; as well as Classroom, Training Seminars” and Consulting, to Government entities, Fire Departments and Private Industries.




Timmie M. McElwain


Gas Appliance Service


Training & Consulting


22 Griffith Drive


Riverside, RI 02915




FAX 401-270-1893

E-mail gastc@cox.net


Since January of 1994 Gas Appliance Service Training and Consulting has offered the expertise of Tim McElwain. Tim is one of the top experts in the Gas Heating/Water Heating industry today. His experience and level of excellence are superior to anyone else in the industry. He has over 40 years experience in the gas industry, including 28 years with a New England utility. The level of training, diagnosis and troubleshooting procedures are geared toward actual job situations. The many technicians who have attended Tim’s seminars come away commenting on the knowledge they have gained. Many company owners have reported a definite reduction in call backs. In addition the time their technicians have spent diagnosing problems has decreased. This has all taken place since sending their technicians to Tim’s seminars.


To view Mr. McElwain’s training schedule, click here




Erik Rasmussen


39 Alfred Street


Trenton, Ontario, Canada K8V2B2

Office – 613-394-6400


Cellular – 613-391-9257


Email – eviking@sympatico.ca




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CO Experts

19299 Katrina Lane; Eldridge Missouri 65463-9102

Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377

CO Experts
19299 Katrina Lane – Eldridge Missouri 65463-9102
Tel: 1-888-443-5377 Fax: 1-888-436-5377