CO-Experts LLC

19299 Katrina Lane * Eldridge, Missouri 65463
Company President: George E. Kerr, deceased
April 24, 1933-July 4, 2017




Since the death of our father on July 4th, the family of George Kerr has been in a bit of a whirlwind, trying to settle his personal and business affairs. Due to the fact that a will was never found, all of these matters are now in the Probate Court process. Meaning, the final decisions on all of our father’s affairs are determined by the court. This is a lengthy process.

My name is Kathy J. Cotton, George’s oldest daughter, and I have been appointed by the Court of LaClede County, Missouri as Personal Representative/Executor for my father’s estate, which includes personal and business matters.

How does this affect CO-Experts LLC? First of all, as of August 3, it was determined that no new orders were to be taken, and no new inventory was to be purchased. By doing this it would enable the family uninterrupted time to work with the CPA and attorneys in making a plan for the future of CO-Experts LLC, and then present that plan to the court for their approval. On August 28, 2017 the court gave me the authority to pursue closing or selling CO-Experts LLC.

Some of you have been frustrated with lack of communication with CO-Experts LLC, and for that I apologize. This has been a very difficult, and arduous, process. Our father lived in, and had his business in, Missouri; whereas my siblings and I live in Indiana. Needless to say, several trips back and forth to Missouri have taken place, with more to come for the next year. We ask your continued patience as we work through things legally to make sure all is in proper order.

We do need your assistance. As mentioned above, no orders were to be taken after August 3, 2017.

1. If you placed an order to CO-Experts LLC after August 3, 2017, please send to us the date the order was placed, what items were ordered and how many. Also indicate if this was to be a COD order or if you were given a time period in which to make payment.

2. If you paid via check and sent it to an address other than 19299 Katrina Lane, Eldridge, MO, please let us know immediately. We would need the address your check was sent to, check number, amount, what items were purchased, the number of items purchased, and the order date. If your check has cleared your bank, please request a copy of it and include it with your correspondence.

3. If you placed and paid for an order after August 3, 2017, and your check has been cashed but you have not received product, please let us know immediately. Again we would need you to give the address to which you sent your order, date the order was placed, what product was ordered and how many, your check number and amount. If your check has cleared your bank please request a copy of it and include it with your correspondence.

My preferred method of communicating is via the internet. All of the above requested information can be sent to:, or, if you prefer, to the mailing address in Eldridge, MO.

Our family hopes to have a resolution and a new owner for CO-Experts LLC as soon as possible.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding through this trying time.

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