From the Fetus to the Funeral


The UCLA Medical Center’s Scientific Medical Studies confirm that NO HOME can be a “Healthy Home” unless it is being monitored continuously for Chronic Low Levels of C O of 10 PPM.


Every Home can now be: “In Control of, not at the MERCY of”, C O Poisoning 24_7_365.


NO ONE from the Fetus to the Grave need every suffer from C O Poisoning again.


Consider carefully and pass along to everyone you know that in addition to all of the previous Scientific Medical findings concerning the tragic effects of elevated COHb and poor “Air Quality” on the FETUS, Newborn, infants and our young children there is now strong evidence that “Poor Air Quality, including increased levels of COHb may be a leading cause of the huge, sudden increase in Autism in our children.


I believe we all need to be especially AWARE and become very Pro-active in the rapidly expanding list of extremely devastating effects on the FETUS, infants and our young children.


If the new suspicions that one of the reason for the huge increase in the number of our children suffering from Autism is due to “Indoor AIR QUALITY”, led by the COHb factor over the Entire Nine Months of the pregnancy; as well as in the COHb of the Mother before the pregnancy begins as well as the environment in which the child is living during the first early years of the Child’s Life, ….. Then, much more quickly Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning and a radically improved and expanded “Indoor Air Quality” Industry will experience a Multi-Trillion Dollar Surge.


Legislation, Installations and increased regular medical reviews will quickly follow.


Instead of eliminating the EPA, as some Politicians are suggesting, we need to Greatly Increase the EPA and CPSC Funding and expand the Scope of both the EPA and the CPSC to include ALL “Indoor Air Quality” Regulations.


The long term cost of the rapidly increasing cost of Autism and Asthma alone will cost our Nation many BILLIONS of dollars each and every year if we fail to take action immediately


ALL OF YOU, every Teacher, Trainer, BPI, NATE, HVAC Tech. or Contractor, ALL of you, each and every day is either a “LIFE SAVER”, or a “LIFE TAKER” depending on how well you are doing your JOB.


Are you testing the C O alarms in the homes you service to make sure that they will WARN THEM IN TIME.


Testing every C O alarm is no longer just a good idea, IT IS NOW THE LAW in Maryland and many other States.


“Testing” does NOT mean just pushing the test button on a C O alarm, it means really exposing every C O alarm to REAL C O “BUMP / TEST” Gas. Exactly as HAZMAT Teams are required to do on their gas detection equipment prior to every hazardous entry.


The UCLA Medical Center, probably the World’s Leading Authority on Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning from “Second Hand Smoke”; as well as all other sources of C O in your home or workplace released the following statement:


UCLA and other Scientific Medical Research Centers R:elease Studies:


1. Expired air carbon monoxide concentration in mothers and their spouses above 5 ppm is associated with decreased fetal growth.

Gomez C , Berlin I , Marquis P , Delcroix M .


Underweight Babies, with smaller Head Sizes; as well as some other Serious Birth Defects in the newborn.


The FETUS is severely and irreversibly effected by Very Low Levels of COHb.


CONTEXT: Tobacco smoke, gas heaters, stoves and ovens all emit C O, which can rise quickly to unhealthy and unsafe concentrations in poorly ventilated homes. Infants and children are particularly vulnerable to C O exposure because they spend a great deal of time in the home. NO policies exist to mandate regulation of C O in the home.


IMPACT: This is the first time that inhaled C O has been linked to oxidative stress, a known risk factor in many disorders K including Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Multi Sclerosis, Lou Gherig’s Disease and Cardiovascular Disease, Anemia, Asthma, and other Respiratory Problems.


Tobacco smoke, which contains C O, also aggravates many of these diseases. The UCLA findings highlight the need for policy makers to reexamine the regulation of C O due to car exhaust, tobacco smoke, smog, and heating and cooking appliances; as well as any and all sources of carbon monoxide.


Every Home can now be: In Control of, not at the MERCY of, C O Poisoning 24_7_365.


NO ONE from the Fetus to the Grave need every suffer from C O Poisoning again.


Why put a cheap C O alarm in a home or other building occupied by people ? Why indeed when data compiled over the last twenty years indicates that nearly 40% of the new, just out of the box, UL-2034 Listed C O alarms fail to meet the Standard specifications and may, or may NOT tell you when it is time to call 911 for a ride to the hospital Hyperbaric Therapy Treatment Center. Especially when you can now install a Low Level C O “Health” Monitor that constantly tests the Indoor Air Quality for C O levels of 7 PPM or more, IN REAL TIME, NO mandatory “Must NOT Alarm” periods or extended, [up to 30 days], “Audible Alarm / Warning Delays, and the Low Level C O Monitor records not only the levels of C O present, but exactly WHEN it occurred, the exact duration of the C O exposure and the resulting COHb that would have accumulated in the average human body during such a C O Exposure. A “Health” Monitor that provides a “HUSH or Silence” period of time appropriate for each level of C O detected and that provides automatic “Hush” over rides if the level of C O present continues to rise to the next higher Warning level.


Never forget, ALL UL-2034 Listed C O alarms clearly state that these C O alarms are designed to “Protect Young Healthy ADULTS”. The Liability Disclaimers on all these C O alarms acknowledge that they DO NOT properly protect Millions of Americans.


A Kidde-Nighthawk Model #KN-COPP-3 says: “Pregnant women, infants, children, senior citizens, persons with heart or respiratory problems and smokers may experience symptoms at lower levels of exposure than noted. Individuals with medical problems may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for carbon monoxide concentrations under 30ppm.”


PRO-TECH and their parent company S-Tech, say: “Individuals with medical problems may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for carbon monoxide concentrations under 30ppm.


I urge each and every one of you to be sure you are fully protecting YOUR ENTIRE FAMILY, not just the “young Healthy Adults”.


Every Home can now be: “In Control of, not at the MERCY of” C O Poisoning 24_7_365.


NO ONE from the Fetus to the Funeral need every suffer from C O Poisoning again.


Model 2014 Brochure


Take a few minutes to COMPARE the Features and Benefits of a C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor highlighted above and ANY / ALL Brands of UL-2034 or CSA-6.19 Listed C O alarms.


UL-2034 / CSA-6.19 Listed C O alarms:


Must NOT sound an Audible Alarm Warning at 70 PPM or less for 60 Minutes.


Must NOT sound an Audible Alarm / Warning at 30 PPM for 30 DAYS


They MAY NOT sound an Audible Alarm Waning at 70 PPM for up to 4 Hours, [240 minutes]


ALL UL-2034 / CSA-6.19 C O alarms are “Tested” only at 70, 150 and 400 PPM.


The Standards actually state that the 70 PPM may be, plus or minus 5 PPM; therefore the LOWEST LEVEL at which UL-2034 / CSA-6.19 C O alarm MUST BE TESTED is 65 PPM.


It is YOUR Health, YOUR Life, ….. YOU CHOOSE

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