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“CO – Experts Low – Level Carbon Monoxide Monitor Model 2002” User Instructions.


After initial atmospheric monitoring for Carbon Monoxide (CO) by the City of Seminole, no detectable levels were found (see “Carbon Monoxide Detector Activation Information Sheet, Notice of Findings”). However there are many factors that may cause concentrations of CO to be undetectable now but may be present in the future.

CO is an odorless, colorless and highly toxic gas. In extremely high concentrations it can kill very quickly. Since it is impossible for human senses to detect CO, installing a Carbon Monoxide detector in your home is the most reliable way to ensure that you and your family are not inadvertently exposed to this deadly gas.

Therefore for your safety this “CO – Experts Low Level Carbon Monoxide (CO) Monitor Model 2002” is being lent to you and/ or your family from the City of Seminole for a period determined by the responding Fire department personnel. The detector remains the property of the City of Seminole. The detector will be installed by these firefighters and will be retrieved in the appropriate time frame. This Monitor does not detect smoke, fire or any other gas, just Carbon Monoxide. The City of Seminole encourages you to purchase your own CO detector if you have any sources that may generate Carbon Monoxide.




The Monitor alarm is indicated by a flashing red L.E.D. light and loud repetitive beeps.

1)     Evacuate at once.

2)     Do a head count to determine that all persons are accounted for.

3)     Call 911 for Fire and Medical help.

4)     Do not re-enter residence until cleared by Fire department personnel.


Sign and date if you understand the above:


Date/ Time detector Installed:___________________ Retrieved:__________________________

Name:___________________ Address:________________________ Phone #:______________

Signature:____________________________________    Date: ___________________________

Shift____ Station ____Officer__________________________



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