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Fire Department use of C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor Model  2002

All actions should comply with Pinellas County SOP 600-27


Why Leave a CO – Experts Low Level CO Monitor in a structure:

Occupants may have ventilated the structure before Fire Department arrival.  The structure might have a CO leak that is not initially detected by Fire Department monitoring.  A small leak not detected initially by Fire Department CO monitors and may take several days to build up to harmful levels again.
The CO-Experts Low Level Monitor provides 24 hour carbon monoxide (CO) monitoring with audible/visual alarms.
If CO does build up, the CO-Experts Low Level Monitor will alert occupants to evacuate.
The CO-Experts Low Level Monitor is equipped with both visual and audible warnings at 10, 25, 50, and 70 ppms.
The CO-Experts Low Level Monitor is accurate to 1 ppm.
The CO-Experts Low Level Monitor has important data storage information that can be used to help evaluate when CO is (was) being produced.
When to Install the CO–Experts Low Level CO Monitor:

When structure has potential CO sources, but meter indicates zero CO .
When residents will continue to occupy structure .
When there is any possibility the residents could be exposed to CO .
At the officers discretion. Side on the sake of Safety! ! !
When to Retrieve the CO – Experts LL CO Monitor:

The detector stays the property of the City of Seminole .
The Shift that installs the detector is responsible to retrieve it .
The Company Officer should visit the occupant every 3rd day to check stored Data. [Peak CO seen, time & date, etc.] .
The Company Officer should wait at least 3 days to retrieve detector but may leave as long as required
Where to install the CO – Experts LL CO Monitor:

Mounted Head high or slightly higher on an inside wall .
Install at least 4 feet from windows or doors.
Near sleeping areas.
In any Area where occupants spend a LOT of Time.
In any Area having a Fireplace.
Installation of monitor requires one screw, with head ¼ inch exposed.
Where not to install the CO – Experts LL CO Monitor:

Where temperatures may drop below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or rise above 105 degrees Fahrenheit [although neither will hurt Monitor].
Near vents, flues or chimneys .
Within 8 feet of heating or cooking appliances.
Near forced / unforced vent openings .
Within 4 foot of a wall corner or similar places that could cause a “dead air” space.

To activate C O – Experts Low Level CO Monitor :

Read Urgent Info on BOX, and Follow Initial Operation Procedure.
Confirm function by pressing the Test button and holding it depressed, until after the second series of beeps. The buzzer will sound 4 Beeps, followed in 6 seconds by 4 more Beeps, and the Red L.E.D will flash.
The CO–Experts Low Level CO Monitor’s normal Operation:

The Digital Display is Blank if the Current C O Present is LESS than 5 PPM, and the Green L E D will Flash once a minute.
CO–Experts Low Level CO Monitor Maintenance:

Replace battery EVERY YEAR, or anytime the Display shows “bAT” and is Beeping once a minute.
Once a week perform a test by pressing the “Test/ Hush” button and checking to see if the light and buzzer indicators are working properly .
Keep detector free from dust and debris .
Do not paint any portion of the detector .
Do not use any cleaning solutions on the Monitor, simply use vacuum brush, or wipe with a damp cloth.
Action Levels:

0 to 9 PPM — No Audible or Visual Warnings.
10 PPM ———Both Audible & Visual Warnings, … [2 Beeps a Minute].
25 PPM ——– More Intense Audible & Visual Warnings, … [2 Beeps  every 10 Seconds] .
50 PPM ——– Full Alarm after 60 Min.
Hush Button Cycles:

10 PPM … up to 12 Hours
25 PPM… up to 60 Minutes
50 PPM… up to 6 Minutes
70 PPM… up to 4 Minutes
If at any point, CO Levels continue to rise to the next level, the monitor will OVER-RIDE the “Hush” and Re-Alarm at the higher level warning.
Digital Display Data Recall Features:

Prior to Recall, Display will show the Current CO Reading from 5 PPM & Up.
After pushing “Recall / Test” Button, Display will show “Cur” followed by the Current CO Present down to 1 PPM.
Display then Shows “HI”, followed by the Highest CO in PPM recorded since the last time the Data Storage was Cleared.
Display then Shows “OCCUr”, followed by the Elapsed Time in Hours & Minutes since Peak Reading Exposure Occurred.
Display then Shows “dur”, followed by the Duration of Time in Hours & Minutes that the CO Exposure   stayed within 10% of the “High” Reading.
Display then Shows “COHb” followed by the % of Carboxyhemoglobin that would have accumulated in the Blood Stream of the Average Person.
Display then returns to Display the level of CO Present in the Monitor if 5 PPM or more. If C O Present is under 5 PPM, the Display will be Blank.
TO CLEAR the STORED DATA, simply HOLD the TEST BUTTON DOWN until you hear the Second Series of “Beeps”, the Recall Sequence is Completed, the Monitor will sound a Long single “BEEP”, and the Display will Show “CLr”, indicating that the Stored Data has been CLEARED.
Failure warnings:

Low Battery Warning: Display will show “bAT” for 5 seconds each minute as the Monitor Beeps a single Beep, and the Green L E D flashes once a minute.
Electronic Error Warning: the Display will show “ERR” for 5 seconds each minute, as the Monitor Beeps a single Beep and the RED L.E.D flashes once a minute.

Carbon Monoxide:

Highly toxic gas
Sources of Carbon Monoxide (Incomplete combustion):

Gas water heaters
Gas stoves
Space heaters
Charcoal grill
Gas dryers
Pool heaters
Gas powered devices; cars, lawnmowers, portable generators, etc.
Exposure Symptoms:

Mild: Slight headache, nausea, vomiting, fatigue (flu like symptoms)
Medium: Severe throbbing headache, drowsiness, disorientation, confusion, rapid heart rate
Extreme: Unconsciousness, convulsions, cardio-respiratory failure, death
The unborn, young children, elderly, and household pets may be the first affected. Occupants may be so disoriented they are unable to self rescue themselves by exiting the building or calling for help.
A fetus is Effected 4 Times as much by Low Level C O as the Mother.
Further instruction can be obtained by referring to the owner’s manual or by contacting CO–Experts at: 1-888-443-5377



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