Darla’s Story

Dear George,

I wanted to let you know that I keep my monitor in my purse (aka tool bag). On May 17th, my husband & I went to Zarda BBQ in Blue Springs, MO for dinner. When ordering at the counter, my alarm started going off so I told the cashier that there seems to be a problem and that I’d watch the readings. While we were eating, the alarm started getting louder and more often with a reading of “HI” so the manager came to talk with us. I told him to call the fire dept. to confirm, and he took Butch to the kitchen so he could see any potential problems. They had all the exhaust fans on taking smoke out but no make-up air bringing fresh air in. Carbon monoxide was being brought in through an old hot water heater. When fire dept got there and took readings, their monitor displayed 1,000-ppm at the water heater (no wonder the manager had a headache all day!). And it was 143 in the dining area where I was eating my dinner. Doors were opened up to air the place out and customers were asked to leave. We told the store manager to call us if we could help or with any questions.

Never heard a peep from anyone (let alone a ‘thank you’) so I called last week to follow-up. A supervisor told me that a damper was broke and they had it fixed. She also told me they now have a CO detector in the restaurant.

Just wanted to let you know that I don’t go anywhere without my CO Expert inside my purse! Hopefully, we all helped to save some lives!

Talk with you soon,


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