A note of thanks and question about a marine application


I would like to thank you for your CO-Experts monitor.  Our detectors recently sounded their alarm, and we called the gas company who confirmed the same readings as your monitor.  Our furnace had a cracked heat exchanger which triggered the alarm.  I am interested in a CO monitor for marine use on my boat and was told you were developing on that would perform well in a corrosive environment.  Any update as to availability?


Thanks for your note.  We are happy our CO-Experts Model 2002 worked well for you.  A unit for a corrosive marine environment is so expensive to produce that it is best to use our normal unit and accept the shorter-than-normal useful life.  We thing that buying a $100 detector and replacing it every few years is more economical than buying a high-priced device.

Brent Blue, M.D.




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