THEY are HANDICAPPING and KILLING Our Children EVERY DAY, and now they want to MAKE IT WORSE !

Instead of eliminating the EPA, as some Politicians are suggesting, we need to Greatly Increase the EPA and CPSC Funding and expand the Scope of both the EPA and the CPSC to include ALL “Indoor Air Quality” Standards / Regulations.

The long term cost of the rapidly increasing cost of Autism and Asthma alone will cost our Nation many BILLIONS of dollars each and every year if we fail to take action immediately

A few generations ago our Nation took the necessary legal actions necessary to STOP the “ACID RAIN” which was causing mass killing of our Forest and Fish, TODAY an even more precious National Treasure is being handicapped and killed and now some “People / Corporations” want to do even less instead of taking the needed corrective action to reduce the known deadly hazards.

The UCLA Medical Center’s Scientific Medical Studies confirm that No Home can be a “Healthy Home” unless it is being monitored for Chronic Low Levels of C O of 10 PPM.

Every Home can now be: In Control of, not at the Mercy of, C O Poisoning 24_7_365.

NO ONE from the Fetus to the Grave need every suffer from C O Poisoning again.

A Kidde-Nighthawk Model #KN-COPP-3 says: “Pregnant women, infants, children, senior citizens, persons with heart or respiratory problems and smokers may experience symptoms at lower levels of exposure than noted. Individuals with medical problems may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for carbon monoxide concentrations under 30ppm.”

The above is TRUE OF EVERY UL-2034 / CSA-6.19 Listed C O alarm; however, most manufacturers HIDE the TRUE DANGER behind wording such as:

PRO-TECH and their parent company S-Tech, ; as well as First Alert and other UL-2034 Listed C O alarm manufacturers HIDE BEHIND Deceptive Liability Disclaimers such as: “Individuals with medical problems may consider using warning devices which provide audible and visual signals for carbon monoxide concentrations under 30ppm.

I “Assume” they believe that EVERYONE KNOWS that being: Pregnant, or being a FETUS, or an INFANT, or a CHILD, or a Senior Citizen “is a MEDICAL CONDITION”.

Consider carefully and then pass along to everyone you know, that in addition to all of the previous Scientific Medical findings concerning the tragic effects of elevated COHb and poor “Air Quality” on the Fetus, the Newborn, infants and our young children there is now strong evidence, as highlighted on a recent CNN News Special Report, that “Poor Air Quality, including increased levels of COHb may be a leading cause of the huge, sudden increase in Autism in our children.

Pushing the “Test Button” on a C O alarm DOES NOT MEAN the C O alarm will Detect and alarm at Dangerous Levels of C O. ONLY Testing with real C O gas will do that.

C O – Experts wants every customer to be able to TEST their C O “Health” Monitor at any time so we include an aerosol can of Certified C O “Bump-Test Gas Kit” with every “Health” Monitor sale.

Actual C O gas is the only way to truly test your C O alarm to make sure it will properly protect your Family.

We do this for our customer’s personal use and to enable them to Show / Demo the fast audible and visual response, “in “REAL TIME”, to any dangerous level of C O in the home within seconds, not hours or days, regardless of the source or cause of the C O being present. Simply put a C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor into the plastic test bag side by side with any Bran Name UL-2034 Listed C O alarm, zip the bag closed except for just enough room to insert the straw attached to the aerosol can of C O. Squeeze the trigger on the test gas can, ONE QUICK squeeze, remove straw quickly and close bag zipper tightly. Within seconds the Monitor will start giving both audible and visual warnings of the level of C O it is detecting.

It is your HEALTH, your LIFE, …… YOU CHOOSE !


 THE SOLUTION to all of your C O and SMOLDERING FIRE Detection Problems

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