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Jim Mackie, President


Fuels Safety Consultants, Inc.

9 Birch Place

Cardiff, Ontario

Canada K0L 1M0

Tel: 613-339-1706

Fax: 613-339-1715



Jim Mackie, is a Dedicated “Life-Safety” Professional. It was a “Review” of one of Jim’s C O Detector / Alarm “Test Programs” that first brought to my attention an OBVIOUS SENSOR PROBLEM with the “NEW” Models of the Kidde-Nighthawk C O Alarms that had just hit the Marketplace in October, 1998. After the “Red Flags” were raised by this first review, Jim did additional Concentrated Testing on these New Models, which Revealed a 100% Failure Rate. We then had Additional “Testing done on by Test Labs in B.C.,Canada, and Calif., … before taking our Data to the U. S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to PUSH for the Immediate Recall of these Seriously Defective C O Alarms.


Jim’s Dedication to Excellence Undoubtedly SAVED THOUSANDS of LIVES ! ! !


Jim Mackie, is also an Experts on Combustible Gases, Storage, and Handling, and provides “Field; as well as Classroom, Training Seminars” and Consulting, to Government entities, Fire Departments and Private Industries.


Paul Clifford, Pd.D.

Mosaic Industries, Inc.

5437 Central Ave. Ste. 1

Tel: 510-790-8222


Link to GRI “CO Alarm Performance and Reliability Study”


Paul Clifford, is a Professional’s, … Professional. Paul is the type of Person that is ALWAYS seeking to Develop that “Better Mouse Trap”. Paul is Very Expert at Testing / Evaluating, C O Alarms, and conducted many of the Tests reported by the Gas Research Institute, on the performance and reliability of C O Alarms available in the North American marketplace.

Paul is a Voting member of both the UL-2034, and the Canadian CSA-6.19 Carbon Monoxide Technical Committees.

Paul Clifford is a Great Source of Information, and is an Excellent Choice if you need Product Testing / Evaluations, or Consulting Services in any area of Electronics.

Paul is an Excellent Public Speaker, with a Wealth of Diversified Knowledge at his Instant Command.


Thomas H. Greiner, Ph.D., P.E.

5200 Skycrest Drive

Ames, Iowa 50010-9202

Phone/Fax 515 232 9065




Thomas Greiner, Ph.D., P.E., is an Iowa State University Emeritus Associate Professor and a consulting engineer specializing in reducing carbon monoxide related injuries and deaths.

For Dr. Greiner’s more complete bio, click here


Steve J. Wiersma & Associates

4093 Monte Verde Drive

El Dorado Hills, CA 95762

Tel; 916-933-8737



Steve J. Wiersma, Ph. D., ….. former Program Leader of Health & Safety at the Gas Research Institute. Dr. Wiersma led the investigations from 1994-2000 to better define the risks of CO, the performance of CO detectors / alarms, and the current use of alarms in the U. S. and Canada. His studies led to many of the recent updates in the CSA and the UL standards.

Steve is a GREAT source of technical information on CO detector / alarms performance and use and is and is an excellent choice if you are looking for a Consultant, or Speaker, with truly professional credentials.




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