C O – Experts & Darla & Butch Pennington Evacuate Another RESTAURANT Saving Lives & Preventing Lifelong Illnesses. Proof you must TEST THE AIR YOU ARE BREATHING!

This is why I have a C O – EXPERTS Low Level C O “Health” Monitor in my shirt pocket every day, everywhere Pat & I go. It alerts me to the presence of C O quite often.
“if we don’t test ___ we don’t know”!



Thanks to CO Experts, another evacuation

Darla Pennington

Hi George – Went to dinner last night and our CO Expert alarms went off when we walked in the restaurant. Butch keeps his in the holster on his belt, and mine is always in my purse. I called the fire dept.


George Kerr

Darla, Great Job, as always. Was the person taken to the hospital a pregnant Lady by chance?

Your Report happened at a PERFECT TIME, MY ENTIRE “DREAM TEAM”, BOB DWYER, DON PIANO, [and their wives]; as well as Pat & I were the ONLY Exhibitor at the “Heart of America Chapter of the ICC Code Officials & Inspectors Conference. Bob Dwyer shared your Report in his Presentation and I mentioned it to everyone that stopped by our booth, they were all very impressed and a couple of the inspectors admitted it made them feel guilty because they do not monitor the air they are breathing “OFF THE JOB.”


Darla Pennington

I was told by the manager at Jose Peppers that the person was hospitalized.  The employee had been working in the kitchen all day and evening where the levels were the highest.  Front door where firemen entered was 80-ppm, kitchen was 150-250, and walk-in cooler was 243.  Not sure why the level was so high inside a cooler but I’ll find out.

The maintenance manager for Jose Peppers and Cactus Grill restaurants called and wants my company to give them a bid to provide the HVAC Preventive Maintenance at their 11 restaurants.  And their general manager said they would be installing CO alarms at all restaurants.

I asked the manager at the Blue Springs Jose Peppers if she would write something for me to share with others to tell their story and help educate and protect lives.  When I go to pick it up, along with a gift card they wanted to bless us with, I’ll ask the status of the person hospitalized and get more info.

Also, last week I met Jeff Jewell, Director of Public Safety for the Blue Springs School District AND he’s also fire chief for the Inter-City Fire Protection District, a small population, low-income area (mobile home/trailer park) in Kansas City, MO.  We had a great visit and share the same passion for CO safety.  We are both excited about teaming together on classes he does with all of the Prime Time students (class before school starts).  He’s also responsible for safety classes with 200+ bus drivers.

I showed Jeff my CO Expert and he would like to get one for each bag when the EMT’s go on calls.  He asked for 5 so I told him I’d see if I can purchase them thru you.  He’s also asking for a resource for the detectors that firemen have . . . think they check CO and other gases and oxygen, and probably cost $300-400.  Guess I’ll ask Bob Dwyer what test equipment he recommends.

Talk with you soon…


REGARDING: Higher C O Readings in the “Walk-In” Cooler.

Darla & Butch

Concerning your question about the levels of C O being higher in the ‘Walk-in” Cooler; while there may be other contributing factors, the primary reason is that C O, like all toxic gases changes “Specific Gravity” / WEIGHT, as the ambient air it is in Warms or Cools, becoming lighter as it warms and moves upward toward the highest points in the ceiling, and the exact reverse as the ambient air becomes colder.
At 32 – 34 degrees F. its Specific Gravity is 1.2504, almost the same as propane gas is at 68-72 F.
So I believe the fact that the ceiling of the “Walk-in” Cooler was lower & colder forced the C O to Stratify more densely in that smaller, colder pocket of air, providing you C O Readings at “Belt or Head” levels that were likely at ceiling levels in other areas.
Keep up the good work, and all of GOD’S BEST TO YOU & YOUR FAMILY.





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