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Today’s “THOUGHT”: Indoor Air Quality TRAGEDY

BPI “CAVES IN” ON INDOOR AIR QUALITY, formerly their “Corner Stone” Issue of Consumer Health & Life Safety by now deciding, [IN MY OPINION], to TRADE Consumer Safety for increased Memberships. After many years of Leadership in reducing the Tragic numbers of our Citizens to the Deadly, Crippling, Life Long Disabilities; as well as the Horrible Mental & Physical Suffering caused by C O Poisoning now suddenly “CAVE IN” to a new partnership by now AGREEING to Totally Ignoring ALL Carbon Monoxide Action Levels under 70PPM.

I, for one, think it is Absolutely Disgraceful and will prove to be TRAGIC  for ALL of the Licensed Contractors who by following these New BPI guidelines will be Guaranteed to be SUED IN EVERY CASE of Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning that occurs.
These Lawsuits START AT 30 Million Dollars. BPI will now join with UL saying: “We cannot be sued because all we did was write the Standard, the Contractors that did the work are totally responsible.

BPI’s extremely serious & poorly timed “ROLL BACK” OF their Leadership position in our battle to improve Indoor Air Quality by greatly reducing the levels of carbon monoxide poisoning responsible for a large percentage of our Nation’s Chronic Low Level C O Poisoning. Unfortunately, this is another recent “ROLL BACK” of their once outstanding Consumer Safety policies that neither their thousands of members or customers, including YOURS TRULY, can understand or agree with, especially at this time of greatly increasing consumer litigation now exceeding hundreds of millions of dollars based on Air Quality & Life Safety issues.

Recently I was asked to comment as to what I personally thought was the root cause: I REPLIED
“GREED” very often leads to partnerships with other Groups whose Corner Stone … IS GREED.


I am not positive why BPI would make such an unwise and potentially expensive change of Policy: however, I personally believe they “Caved In” to please the California Real Estate Group that recently agreed to join BPI, but wanted to continue to install TEN DOLLAR C O ALARMS in all of their millions of over priced Homes, Condo and Apartment Complexes in California and beyond.

I will write my response to this very unwise and poorly timed reversal of a key part of what had made BPI successful.
I will “POST” it immediately on my website on the “George Says:” Page and will ask other Experts to put their feelings on their websites and Blogs.

George says: continues
[Please read entire exchange.]
Question from BPI Trained Professional:

OK. Why, did BPI shrink back and go from a CO Action Level of 35ppm to 70ppm to notify occupants to evacuate the building. Based on EPA, and 6 other Regulatory Agencies other than UL they are erring on the side of disaster. What the heck is going on with BPI? What rational / data are they referencing to justify such a move?
Does anyone have an answer for me? Please help me understand.
BPI Certified Professional
It’s a consensus standard, i.e. lots of people get to give their input. That record is public, I imagine, but I did not follow it closely.

George SAYS:

B / S ….. by the Train Load

As I have said in several previous writings, anytime you see a Standard called a :
“Consensus Standard”, you had best put a “LOCK & CHAIN” on your wallet, the manufactures, their component suppliers & their “Pipeline / Distribution Chain” of companies & people that constitute a majority of the “VOTING Members” have just agreed once more on how best they can continue to ASSURE their “Profitability & Control” of the Marketplace.

DO NOT BE CONFUSED by the large, impressive numbers, names & Titles of persons said to be serving on these various Committees, instead study closely the Names & Company / Industry Associations of those *** Designated “AS VOTING MEMBERS on that STP.
Once Again, the “Smoke Screen” will suddenly Clear away and you will see who is REALLY Responsible. Simply follow the trail marked: “Vested Interest”;
Not the Trail CLEARLY MARKED: “Consumer Health & Safety.”


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