Important “FAULT” Signals & Service Information


When the C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitor emits a single beep, [one beep at a time], this is a “Fault Warning”, NOT A Notice of C O being detected.

After the single beep is emitted, the display will show one of four messages for FIVE, 5, seconds. The displayed Warning will be one of four messages:


  1. “bAT” … Indicating that the battery needs to be replaced.
  2. “bae”… Monitor has developed a serious electrical “Short” that will quickly drain the battery, usually after being dropped.
  3. “ERR” … Indicates that the failsafe electronic self-test system has detected an electronic malfunction within the Monitor or in the Sensor.
  4. “Sensor End” Warning… which is your notice that the Monitor is NO LONGER protecting you from C O, not even at Extremely High Levels and needs to be replaced AT ONCE.


Please tell me the Date of Manufacture printed on the small label at the lower right side of the back label of your Monitor. If no Mfg. date label is there, give me the Serial Number found on the back label. Normally if your Monitor is three years old or more, I suggest you replace it.


As noted on page 5 of your Owner’s Manual tells you that the warranty on your Monitor was 12 months, [one year]. Although over the last 12 years, the normal “Useful life” has been about 5 years.



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