Aeromedix Customer Letter

The following customer letter was received by _ my Dealer for the Personal Aircraft Owners in North America along with an order for two of our new Model 2017R Low Level C O “Health” Monitors which I designed for use in personal aircraft; as well as vehicles of all shapes and sizes. This very small, compact, round,[2.5 inches in Dia.], weighing only four ounces, powered by two replaceable AAA batteries. This small detector is perfect for a personal protection C O Monitor to carry on your person, in your car, home or workplace. Available with the initial audible and visual warnings at 5PPM or 10PPM.

Hi George –
nice to hear from you and congratulations on your terrific products.

Yes, I’m happy for you to quote my email about your device as long as you don’t use my full name. I just hate having too much out there about – I’ve had my identity stolen in the past and it has been a real pain.

So if you use it please just have show it as from “Bob” or “Bob in Arizona”.

I’ve been flying (private) airplanes for 53 years. Many years ago we all used the cardboard CO “spot” detectors which we soon learned were worthless. As you know you’ve gotten some great publicity recently in aviation publications and that finally prompted me to buy one of your detectors earlier this year (the now older model with permanent battery).

Since we use it in the plane and we’re only in the plane a few hours a month I like that pulling it out of the backing plate turns it off to save the battery. We’ve noticed that if we’re sitting on the ramp waiting for a clearance and the wind is blowing the wrong way we occasionally get a low (7 ppm) alarm which makes sense, so it looks like your performance claims are good.

Currently there are no problems with my plane in flight, but we have tested the alarm to make sure we can hear it in flight since we’re now lucky enough to have a high altitude capable turboprop that’s noisy so we wear headsets all the time. The alarm is loud enough that it is easily heard even with noise cancelling headsets on.

I like that the new model has replaceable batteries, but that’s not the real reason I ordered two new ones – it’s the young grandchildren and one of those families has an RV. Your discussion of the potential harm to the youngest kids with even low levels of CO made me decide to get one for each of the two families with the youngest kids. I’m waiting to see if our oldest son and his family want one as well so I may order another soon.

I bought O2 related products from you guys years ago when I had an pressurized airplane and it was good equipment, but this CO monitor is really impressive.



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