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The following customer letter was received by _ my Dealer for the Personal Aircraft Owners in North America along with an order for two of our new Model 2017R Low Level C O “Health” Monitors which I designed for use in personal aircraft; as well as vehicles of all shapes and sizes. This very small, compact, round,[2.5 inches in Dia.], weighing only four ounces, powered by two replaceable AAA batteries. This small detector is perfect for a personal protection C O Monitor to carry on your person, in your car, home or workplace. Available with the initial audible and visual warnings at 5PPM or 10PPM.

Hi George –
nice to hear from you and congratulations on your terrific products.

Yes, I’m happy for you to quote my email about your device as long as you don’t use my full name. I just hate having too much out there about – I’ve had my identity stolen in the past and it has been a real pain.

So if you use it please just have show it as from “Bob” or “Bob in Arizona”.

I’ve been flying (private) airplanes for 53 years. Many years ago we all used the cardboard CO “spot” detectors which we soon learned were worthless. As you know you’ve gotten some great publicity recently in aviation publications and that finally prompted me to buy one of your detectors earlier this year (the now older model with permanent battery).

Since we use it in the plane and we’re only in the plane a few hours a month I like that pulling it out of the backing plate turns it off to save the battery. We’ve noticed that if we’re sitting on the ramp waiting for a clearance and the wind is blowing the wrong way we occasionally get a low (7 ppm) alarm which makes sense, so it looks like your performance claims are good.

Currently there are no problems with my plane in flight, but we have tested the alarm to make sure we can hear it in flight since we’re now lucky enough to have a high altitude capable turboprop that’s noisy so we wear headsets all the time. The alarm is loud enough that it is easily heard even with noise cancelling headsets on.

I like that the new model has replaceable batteries, but that’s not the real reason I ordered two new ones – it’s the young grandchildren and one of those families has an RV. Your discussion of the potential harm to the youngest kids with even low levels of CO made me decide to get one for each of the two families with the youngest kids. I’m waiting to see if our oldest son and his family want one as well so I may order another soon.

I bought O2 related products from you guys years ago when I had an pressurized airplane and it was good equipment, but this CO monitor is really impressive.



“My George Kerr CO saved me too last summer & my 2 cats. My neighbors gas tank was cracked and I had headaches and my cats we not acting the same either, and it went off a few times. So I took it into the hallway and it was showing 10 TO 13 and also this was what it showed in my condo.

My condo & my new neighbors are over all the garages 3 of them under each of our units. We have no gas only electric in the building & I tell everyone, that does matter and this is the perfect example.

I opened my neighbors garage door and it was his tank that was dissipating a high airborne toxin. He told me he had an appointment for the following week as he smelt gas while driving. I told him he needs to leave his garage door up and tend to his right away.

He did, he went the next day, he came home in a new SUV, he said they told him inside the gas tank was cracked, something to that effect.

I swear by George Kerr and ALWAYS WILL!”

Robin Laietmark
KEYTH® Security



Hi George,

It must have been a fault because I do vacuum and clean the monitor every time I run the vacuum.

Yes, I did mention the % below in my email. When I hit display the PPM and Peak showed 000.

I was not aware I purchased three Retail Grade CO detectors that are not a low level but instead similar to the UL2034, except first audible warning after 50 minutes exposure to 50PPM.

Thanks for the information.
Joan Hettinger
NO_ THAT IS not A “FAULT” AND “000” WAS NOT A COHb READING _ WHEN YOU PUSH “DISPLAY” THE RECALL SEQUENCE IS always shown in the same exact order:

the previous 24 hours.

2. The COHb resulting in the human blood stream in the previous 24 hours in “PERCENTAGE”,
SUCH AS: “00.7” OR “00.9”, OR “00.0”, IT ALWAYS contains a decimal Point.

3, LCD then returns to the current Level of C O being seen, or if below 7PPM, it will show “000”;
therefore if it has not recorded any C O in the previous 24 hours it will show: “000”.

You wrote: “When I hit display the PPM and Peak showed 000.”

UNTIL THE SENSOR ACTIVITY reaches the END of its USEFUL Life, at which time the LCD will show “Sensor End”. ……… at this second, your Monitor is DEAD, and would not respond to 1,000PPM of C O.


A Lifetime Dedicated to Health & Life Safety,
George E. Kerr, CEO / Founder
C O – Experts, LLC
19299 Katrina Lane
Eldridge, MO 65463-9102 USA



Hi George,

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you are having a good day.

I purchased one of your C O – Experts Model 2016 “Health” Monitor on 10/18/2016.  Upon opening it today I found that it does not seem to work.  I’ve read the instructions and cannot figure out how to activate it.  It looks like all I need to do is press the test/silence button to get the display activate.  The display does not come on.  I have tried holding down each button separate and together.  Is there a trick to activate it for first use or is it possible just a defective unit?  I really just want one that works, so if you have any suggestions on how to make this one work I’m open to it.  If not then can I get it exchanged for a working one.

George replied:
“please see:
ACTIVATING MODELS 2014, 2015 & 2016 C O MONITORS:Also, if you are using Velcro  or when using your C O Monitor as an “On Person” C O Monitor without the back plate, [as I do], you must personally remember to activate the Monitor manually by moving the “ON/OFF” toggle switch located inside the Vertical slot located in the right rear of the main body of the Monitor housing.
The power supply is activated by lifting the toggle switch arm upward and can be turned OFF by pushing the arm Downward.
Using the Velcro to wall mount your C O Monitor also makes it far easier to take your Monitor off the wall when you want to use it as a portable C O Sensing tool throughout your home or to take it with you when you travel.


That worked, thank you so much I’m so glad that it is working.    Thank you for taking time from your holiday to return my email.  I hope you have a safe and happy holiday season.—




Why We Do Not Sell Directly To The Consumer



Sorry the call dropped and when I tried calling back your line was
busy.  But we were kind of done anyway. I’ll order from Aeromedix as I had
before, since I want to use it to eliminate a suspicion regarding local
air pollution.  And if it isn’t relieved, then… well, I probably need to
move anyway; but having something beep at me will provide a lot more

Believe me, I do understand your retirement plan!  But I’m going to
want to order another unit in five years, again in ten, fifteen, etc., so
I do hope you have a plan to keep your business running after you
Thank you, I salute you for your service to us all.




Good morning George,
Further to our conversation this morning, I would like to order 3 co monitors.
Please ship to ********
Credit Card info: #########
Semi urgent shipping would be good as I leave for Australia next Wednesday.
Please confirm ASAP.
Kind Regards,
J Barry

Sorry, we do not accept any credit cards.
We will ship today on an invoice , Terms you send us a Check or Money order in US Funds from Denver, CO, upon receipt.

Thank You,

Thank you George,
I will certainly pay on receipt of invoice.
You are a Scholar and a Gentleman and there are very few of us left!
Kind regards,
J Barry


I would like to place an order for a new model 2016 as my Dec 2005 model finally quit.
Cedar Park, TX

I bought a circa 2008 low level CO alarm that is now beeping and saying “sensor end”.  I presume it is dead and the sensor cannot be replaced so I was wondering what a replacement would cost and how do I order one?

Brian Engel

Hi George,

Today a colleague and I finished testing my CO Experts model against his low-CO model that he had purchased from a hardware store; my CO Experts monitor was much more sensitive and convenient than his:  mine alarmed at a much lower concentration than his.  He was impressed … in fact, I will give him one of the extra brochures that you provided in the box with my test kit, for whenever he might decide to purchase a much better CO monitor.

Thank you so much again for creating such an excellent product — and for making it available to the rest of us!

Greatly Appreciated,





I have a handful of older CO Expert CO Monitors Model 2004. They have been on our shelf for several year and have never been installed. Do they need to be calibrated or is that only after a years worth of use?


Hello Jason,

That Model 2004 contained a terrific MONOX Electrochemical Sensor; however, I am afraid they are so old the liquid electrolyte, acid based Sensors have dried up paste any hope my built in calibration “Bumping” has done any good after the first 7.5 years. EC Sensor aging starts the day the Sensor is mounted on the PCB and initially calibrated.

They are now too old to sell.
Sorry, they could have saved some Lives,







Once again I would like to thank you for spending time speaking with me regarding my friend’s concern about her CO Monitor sounding off when she took her shower. After our conversation she spoke with me telling me she had done what you had suggested; that is, she ran the shower until it was hot and steaming for a period of time, while she sat in the bedroom to see what would happened. As it turned out it was NOT the CO Monitor that sounded off, but her smoke detector. Due to mobile limitations, she had not been able to get out of the shower in time to see what was really happening. Consequently, she had both herself and me upset and as a result I took up your time as well.

Our conversation was not in vain, however. I do feel I learned a good deal about the Monitor, not the least of which is that when the one that I am currently using (also installed by Haller Enterprises, by the way) no longer works, I will feel entirely comfortable purchasing one of your products.

It is also reassuring to find out that there are good people out there who not only stand by their products, but actually CARE about those who rely on them. And I feel that you are one of them. And the fact that you spoke so highly of Haller also confirms my feeling that I am in good hands with them as well.

Thank you again for your time.
I wish you well with your business and the products you provide to homeowners like myself.

Margaret Sultner




Hi Mr. Kerr,

I wanted to respond but was traveling for work. I’ve been following everything you’ve been sending….if big business cared more about lives and less about money, so many lives would be saved. The difference in a better CO detector is the difference between life and death! Yet, so many just turn their heads the other way.


Tara Jane Posner
Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC
Commerce Center East
1777 Reisterstown Road, Suite 165
Baltimore, Maryland 21208
Toll Free: 1-888-463-3529 FREE
Fax: 410-653-9030






Our CO monitor was going off last week. I looked at everything and couldn’t figure it out. I finally found out is was the wood stove ash bucket. I got some hot coals in it and all the unburnt coals lit up. I’m glad that’s all it was.
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My 5 week old CO Expert 2015 just went off at 1:30 am, once, then again five minutes later, once (four beeps). I got up to investigate and saw the monitor showed 9 ppm as a peak, with current reading of 7ppm. I took it off the wall, and then it read 0. I came back into my bedroom to read about CO exposure and possible causes and then went into the kitchen to look at my gas stove.

Guess WHAT – my 13 year old daughter had left one of the burners on low, from her cooking around 8 pm. The flame was so small it was not visible. To make matters worse, around 10:30 while cleaning the kitchen I had placed a pan on top of the stove awaiting hand washing (small kitchen).

While it is possible one of us might have noticed the turned knob, or the warm pan, tomorrow (or the next day [or the next day]), it is also possible this could have gone undetected for DAYS or even LONGER without your extremely low level CO detector. Thank you Thank You THANK YOU.

Before purchasing this, I did not have a functioning CO detector for approximately 2 years. I bought yours after my friend’s sister and brother in law DIED from CO poisoning, EVEN THOUGH THEIR TRADITIONAL ALARM WENT OFF. By the time it went off, it was too late.
I know more of the details because I work with the deceased’s younger sister. They believe the CO detector went off, because it had been removed from the ceiling and was sitting on the floor of the hallway. The man had passed out just inside the garage door, and the woman had gotten up out of bed and passed out right there on the side of the bed.

Apparently their CO saturation had already reached toxic levels by the time the air in the house in the sleeping area where the CO detector was located reached a point to trip their CO detector, because it had been building for several hours while they were in a family room near the garage that probably had a high concentration earlier, but no CO detector.

Anyway, I just thought I would share how your phenomenal product’s performance led me to discover a lit burner on the stove that had inadvertently been left on, mere hours later.

Most sincerely,
Kristin Snowden




Does one of you CO monitors with a date of May 2008 still work? (serial number 07-0251)

If not, what is the best thing to do with it?

Scott Green

George says:

Your C O Monitor was final tested and shipped in July, 2008.
All my c o Monitors made since 1994 have contained “Fail Safe” self-monitoring design; therefore, just put a 9 volt battery into the rear battery compartment, snap the battery connector on firmly & wait about one minute. If the Monitor has reached the END of its useful life, it will emit one single Beep & the LCD display will show “Sensor End”.

If that does not occur, push the “Test” button & the Monitor should emit four beeps, followed by a couple seconds of silence, than four more beeps this indicates the C O Monitor is still working properly. Once in a while pushing the “Test” button will cause the “Sensor End” Warning to occur, indicating the electronics were slow in warming up.
If this does occur, the C O Monitor has reached the End of its useful life & you can simply remove the good battery & through your dead Monitor in the trash. It contains no harmful active parts.

For 63 years, your Family’s Safety has been my #1 concern 24-7-365, today the superior level of protection from C O & Smoldering Fires is far beyond my wildest dreams.

Death is often the price we pay for DELAYED DECISIONS. “DECIDE TODAY” !


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