GOD put me here to accomplish CERTAIN THINGS.
RIGHT NOW I am so far behind



On April 13, 1953, AT THE AGE OF 19, I realized that several FIRE Tragedies resulting in four deaths in one fire and one death each in two of the other fires which I had witnessed as a child had successfully prepared me for a Lifetime Dedicated to the “Health & Life Safety of my fellow Citizens.
Today, in 2017, at the age of 84, Legally Blind and the owner of two artificial hips and a FAR weaker body; that powerful challenge remains as strong as ever.
Since 1972 we have led the World in solving Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Health & Life Safety Issues. In 2017, we are doing it again by providing ULTRA Low Level C O “Health” Monitor designed to be easily installed into any vehicle or personal aircraft; as well as in your home or workplace. Small, round, 2.5 inches in diameter with initial audible warnings at 5 or 10PPM.

Law Enforcement Agencies Nationwide are discovering ULTRA _ The ULTIMATE C O SOLUTION
C O EXPERTS has developed a “Nationwide Low Level C O “Health” Monitor vehicle C O Safety Program” at a deeply discounted price; designed to provide the Ultimate C O Protection for all of our Law Enforcement Officers.

Surprise, AZ, reports on C O Testing and installs C O Experts:
We also tested the units last week in the “Bag” test, by the way the UL test units you sent did not alarm for 2 hours and 20 minutes, this was surprising since you 2017 started to alert us in seconds. _ George Says: “If you think “Retail Grade” C O alarms protect you well enough, _ I suggest you think again, and TEST some in your Police Station, not a Patrol Car.


View the excellent C O Monitor installations done by the Leawood, KS, Law Enforcement Agency in their Ford Explorers and Ford Taurus Patrol Cars “providing C O Safety for all of our Officers.”
VIEW: http://coexperts.com/law-enforcement-c-o-safety-program-gaining-steam/


George and the Gang_cropped

L to R, Bob, George, Pat & Don

Don Piano & George Kerr Aug 2014 Denver


#1 IN 1972 & STILL #1 IN 2016


A current Television Commercial says: “It takes 10,000 hours to become an “EXPERT”.
What “Title” do you give someone who has studied his vocation for 275,940 HOURS?


On April 13, 1953, AT THE AGE OF 19, I realized that several FIRE Tragedies resulting in four deaths in one fire and one death each in two of the other fires which I had witnessed as a child had successfully prepared me for a Lifetime Dedicated to the “Health & Life Safety of my fellow Citizens.

Today, in 2017, at the age of 84, Legally Blind and the owner of two artificial hips and a FAR weaker body; that powerful challenge remains as strong as ever.

While wonderful advances in “Sensing Technologies” from only fusible link heat detectors/alarms. To the great variety of sensors we have today have greatly improved the level of fire & gases protection in our homes and other structures.

Today I very strongly believe Doctor Paul Steir would be extremely PROUD of our advanced sensor technologies available; as well as the C O – Experts International movement to encourage people Worldwide to: “TEST THE AIR YOU ARE NOW BREATHING.”
SEE: http://coexperts.com/only-you-can-test-the-air-you-are-breathing-24-7-365/

Our efforts to provide maximum safety in every home are still encountering poorly written Standards & local Ordinances / Requirements. Coupled with the ever present Evil Culprits of indifference, [IT WON’T HAPPEN TO ME], and the lack of awareness of the Lifelong scarring from fires, both mentally & physically; as well as the horrible long term mental & physical Suffering resulting from chronic low level C O poisoning.

No detector in the World, mine or anyone else’s, can go into its Warning Mode, until whatever it is designed to detect reaches the Sensor.


George had started his “Lifetime of work” in the Early Warning Detection Industry in April 1953, selling the old “Wind-Up” single station “Heat Detectors” which at that time along with fusible link sprinklers were the only automatic Fire Protection devices available. During George’s first week selling “Fire Alarms” he called upon Doctor Paul Steir, the Leading Heart Specialist in N.E. Indiana at that time, and was successful in selling his Fire Alarms to him; however, as George will tell you, the ADVICE the Doctor gave him was FAR more valuable than the commission he earned on the sale.

“If you really want to save more lives from FIRE, develop a detector that alarms to warn you when the fumes & smoke can be seen or smelled. VERY FEW VICTIMS ACTUALLY BURN TO DEATH, “IT IS WHAT THEY BREATHE THAT KILLS THEM.” ….. THIS WAS IN APRIL, 1953!

That was the DAY that George’s search began to find a good, repeatable, dependable C O & Smoldering Fire Sensor started. It took nearly twenty years to put his first C O Detector on the market in 1972.

[Thanks to Al Ritttman, President / Founder of Functional Devices, Inc. of Russiaville, IN, and the manufacturer of my great New Photoelectric Smoke Detector, because it was AL Rittman who first found the FIGARO Gas Sensor, [Actually being used as a “Water / Leak detector in ocean cargo ships], which, after improving filtering & calibration procedures we were successful in converting into a C O / Smoke Sensor.] FIGARO called this sensor the 813P. Back then our C O detectors were made in PHILLY, PA.

Soon thereafter a Company in the UK Patented a new sensor technology that was even more accurate and selective. Known today as the “Electrochemical” Sensor. Unfortunately, this new sensor cost far too much to even be considered for a residential product and it would be nearly 25 years before new engineering & volume production would reduce cost.

George is a firm believer in “Show & Tell, Hear & See” Demonstrations and the “Train the Trainers & Teach the Teachers” philosophy. George has given over 1,000 Presentations / Seminars on Early Warning Detection and “Life-Safety”.

IN SEPTEMBER, 1986, it was at such a C O Poisoning Seminar with the Louisville, KY Fire Department THAT A Doctor who was the Head of Emergency Medicine at the University of Louisville Hospital E R Room was one of several interested guest the Fire Chief had invited to attend my Presentation on C O Poisoning & C O detection. This young Doctor, named Doctor Michael Dolan, is one of the UNHERALDED HEROS of the C O alarm Story. [Doctor Dolan’s Story in more detail in my “Tributes to the Giants we owe our THANKS.]

1988 _ Was a Banner Year, ….. not because of an improvement in Sensor Technology, but due to an Extremely Important, Immediate reversal of the previous “Wait & Watch” CPSC, [Consumer Product Safety Commission], attitude concerning C O, [Carbon Monoxide Poisoning], and the NEED to Install C O Detectors in every structure that presently required the installation of SMOKE Detectors. This sudden reversal of CPSC Attitude was not due to the Salesmanship of George E. Kerr, Mark Goldstein or the growing number of gas detection manufactures.

ENTER: Doctor Michael Dolan, University of Louisville Emergency Medicine.
In my Personal & Professional opinion it was 99.9% due to the Stunning, fully documented Medical & Financial Impact of C O Poisoning on the “Gross National Product” of the USA EVERY YEAR ! IN 1988, CPSC ANNOUNCED that they had declared C O and gas detectors A PRIORITY PROJECT Starting in 1992. [Four years advance NOTICE is standard procedure for CPSC in order to give the Codes & Standards Groups; as well as the Industries involved adequate time to prepare.]

On April 30, 1992, UL, INC. formally introduced their New UL2034 Standard for single and multiple station C O detectors. Shortly thereafter I was contacted by MR. Patrick Hung, Owner & Founder of Patrick Plastics, INC., one of the finest, most honest men I have had the pleasure of meeting in my 64 years in the Industry, to assist them introduce their UL2034 Listed C O detector into the USA Marketplace. I agreed to a one year consulting contract during which period of time we were able to make their Brand Name, S-TECH one of the four major brands in the rapidly expanding and soon over flooded list of “Brand Name” products which at one time numbered 37 Brand Names of C O Detectors. As usual in such circumstances, most quickly went out of business.

December 22, 23 & 24, 1994, the CHICAGO C O ALARM FIASCO:
See: http://coexperts.com/the-chicago-story/

Robert, “Bob” Rivkin, Chicago City Attorney, contacted me once more to appear at a Formal Hearing before the Chicago City Board once more; although they had ignored my warnings NOT to pass the mandatory C O Detector installation Requirement until a few important changes were made in that First Edition of Standard UL2034. Following the horrible false alarm experience with their First Edition, now the UL2034 Listed C O alarms do not warn you until you need to call 911 for a trip to the hospital.

In 1995, while under contract as “Director of residential product development & Field Operations for AIM SAFETY / AIM GLOBAL TECHNOLOGIES, George introduced the EC C O Sensor, [electrochemical sensor], into the residential C O Alarm Industry; thereby, Greatly improving the accuracy in C O Alarm calibration & product performance.

Between April, 1995 & April, 2000, I met and worked with many Very Good C O Professionals and a few have become Lifelong Friends; especially Bob Dwyer, Rudy Leatherman & Kevin Wilson in the USA & Jim Mackie, President / Founder of Fuels Safety Consultants of Ontario, Canada and a Real Professional.

In 1998, MONOX, Ltd., of the UK Introduced, [in my opinion], the very Best Long Life, Accurate EC Sensor ever made. Between 2000 & 2004 I used this Large Industrial E C Sensor in my C O – Experts Low Level C O “Health” Monitors that remained accurate for ten years or more. Unfortunately, in this “Walmart / Amazon World” of “I CAN MAKE IT & SELL IT CHEAPER, cheaper, cheaper” Monox was unable to find enough of us designers & manufactures that were interested in producing a High Quality, Long Life C O detection product to enable them to continue to produce their superior long life sensor in our world of cheap three year C O alarms and frequent replacements.

In June, 2000, George introduced the World to C O – EXPERTS, and a NEW Low Level C O Industry was born and ACCURACY of ONE PPM in the residential market had arrived to stay. The C O & Smoldering Fire detector that George had DREAMED ABOUT for so many years was NOW AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE, 24-7-365.

In October, 2000, at their Worldwide Annual Conference in Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, George was inducted into the Fraternity of International Fire Safety Ambassadors, for his dedication to Fire Prevention Education and C O “Life-Safety” Products and Programs.

In 2009, George was Awarded the COSA “Lifetime Dedication” Award for his Lifetime of dedication to the prevention of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning and the continual improvement of C O detectors.

In 2016 George introduced his New Model 2016, the World’s First fully automatic C O Monitor. The Model 2016 C O – EXPERTS brings you the ONLY “REAL TIME” C O & Smoldering Fire Protection. If anyone in your home is of Child-bearing age, or have any Infants, young Children, Elderly, or anyone with a Serious Illness, you do need this New Low Level C O “Health” Monitor: NEW Model 2016 C O – Experts LL C O “Health” Monitor | CO Experts

In 2017, George and his “Dream TEAM” introduced the World to ULTRA _ Low Level C O Monitor _ a very small, round, 2.5 inches in diameter C O Monitor powered by two AAA replaceable batteries. The perfect GO ANYWHERE YOU GO C O protection 24-7-365, truly the Ultimate C O Solution for the 21st Century. See: http://coexperts.com/products/our-new-model-pgb-2017r/


Meet the Man

GOD’S Most precious Gifts are the children HE puts in our LIVES. From HIS SON, to all of the other children he places in the Pathway of our Lives. All of these children are a “GIFT” from GOD too, always treat them accordingly. GOD is always watching how we are treating HIS CHILDREN.


“True Success”

“One hundred years from now, it will not matter what kind of car I drove, or what kind of house I lived in, how much I had in my bank account, nor what my clothed looked like; however, the
WORLD may be a little better, BECAUSE I WAS IMPORTANT in the LIFE of a CHILD.”


A precious personal Story of the LOVE of a niece at AGE FIVE.

Kari, my beloved niece, like all of the children who visit our home, know that they are always welcome to come into my office building as well.

In 2009, when Kari was five years old, I explained to all of the Family that I needed to go into the hospital in a few days to have an operation to remove my prostate because it had cancer in it, but that I would be fine and return home very soon.

Our family had already had two cancer deaths in the previous year, Kari’s Aunt “Ginny” & her Uncle Bill. The next day Kari came back to our home when I was having my pre-op Exam in Springfield, MO, 75 miles from our home, where my surgery was to be done in two days.

Kari went to visit my Wife, Della, who later that day related this wonderful precious conversation she had with Kari.
Kari ask my wife for the phone number for “JESUS”
My wife was surprised and told Kari she did not have a phone number for JESUS.
Kari responded: “Get it from Uncle George, Mommy says Uncle George talks with him all the time.”
My wife asked Kari WHY she needed to talk to JESUS, and Kari replied: “I need to remind JESUS that he had taken Uncle Bill & Aunt Ginny both recently, but he could not have Uncle George because we all needed him to stay here with US.”

Needless to say, then & now MY TEARS OF JOY flowed freely.
What a TRULY Precious LOVE STORY ….. from a five year old little girl.

[ My Niece, Kari is now age twelve. ]

Friday had been an especially difficult day due to my wife’s spreading cancer pains were much worse. Friday evening my nieces came to see us & the following occurred in my office. I had just written the two lines below & decided to ask the Nieces their opinion.

A current Television Commercial says: “It takes 10,000 hours to become an “EXPERT”.
What “Title” do you give someone who has studied his vocation for 275,940 HOURS?





There is NO WAY to do the WRONG THING ….. the RIGHT WAY ! ! !


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