C O – Experts 2015 Low Level C O “Health” Monitor.
The Model 2015 will be available ONLY from Licensed Contractors and Agencies Approved by C O – Experts.
Warranties on Monitors NOT obtained DIRECTLY from Authorized Licensed Contractors or Agents WILL NOT BE HONORED. A “Dated Proof of Purchase RECEIPT” will be required on all returns.


 Visual C O Display starts at 7 PPM
 Audible Alarm Warning Levels: 10PPM or 25PPM
YOUR CHOICE OF 1st ALARM LEVEL must be made when you place your order. It must be set at the factory, not by consumer.
10 to 24 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minute
25 to 34 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps ONCE every Minutes
35 to 50 PPM … ONE Series of four beeps every 30 seconds
“HI” ….ONE Series of four beeps every 20 Seconds


SILENCE Feature: … Periods of elapsed time: 
 10 to 24 PPM … Silence … 24 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute
 25 to 34 PPM … Silence … 8 Hours with RED L.E.D. FLASHES once a minute
35 to 50 PPM … Silence … ONE Hour with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Twice a minute
 “HI” … Silence….4 Minutes with RED L.E.D. FLASHES Three Times A minute


LCD _ Constant Visual C O PPM displayed from 7 PPM UP to 50 PPM _ then LCD displays: “HI”  if C O PPM present is over 50 PPM.
Below 7 PPM LCD will display  “0”.


“REAL TIME” ….. Audible Alarms at 10, 25, 35, 50 PPM to “HI”. Audible alarms while C O PPM is being displayed on LCD.


STORED DATA and RECALL when “Display” button is pushed:
 1. When Monitor is in audible alarm mode when Test button is pushed LCD will first display :”SIL”.
2. Displays “Peak / High” Reading recorded in the previous 24 hours.
3. Display shows COHb that would have resulted from the C O Exposure in the previous 24 hours or
 Since the C O exposure began.
4. Display then returns to the level of C O currently present or “0” if C O present is under 7 PPM.


TO Clear ALL Stored Data and “Silence / Hush” period:
Depress both the “Test Button” and the “Display Button” at the SAME TIME FOR SEVEN SECONDS, [THE CENTER GREEN L E D should blink once very briefly], release both buttons immediately and the Stored data has now been “Cleared”.


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